Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy November and Halloween...

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and enjoyed the holiday. In the best way the last week has been great, good friend in from San Francisco and he has taken me and my mom out for dinner twice and breakfast once thank you Jonah! I've had a nice weekend with a good friend since the Halloween till now starting with my dinner number for the fourteenth time at Leunigs on Church St. Once that night came, I wore the costume I was injured in the longboard costume with mom's hat and walked out with an oldschool skate board and the right necklaces. First was the party in Winooski at my friend Michael from Flatbread Pizza and a great costume crowd had a DJ spinning and a nice crew for me to remeet while telling a few stories and listening to others. Then we left the party and locked the car and went to Sound of Urchin at Nectars. Once the music stopped and I saw some great people and then went up to Metronome and had a nice conversation with Kaitlyn Whalen and learned about her father got sick after my injury. She was going to the party at Olivias in Stowe but the party got cancelled begood for the cause of what happened to me and she visited me in the hospital before heading off the next day to Boston with the rest of the skaters doing their part in the event. Maybe I was supposed to go with them or drive her down but that would have been my last trip without the fall but it was now learned that I was her father #2. She was crying me some tears telling me how life has been strong with her me and her father and what her mother did when she was no longer married to her father. How age through twelve and fifteen was ruff on her, much love for her Tom from dad 2. Then left with Anaii and Katelyn in a cab after Travis Card got me my skateboard from inside Nectars. After the drive back Anaii went back downtown to get her bicycle and rode back while I stopped to talk to K and was lying next to her in the bed and after back I went back downtown but stopped at 3 Needs and had a drink with Amanda and Sara. Talked to some others and got a taxi back to my house and woke up Mom so she could talk to the two about dinner on Monday, looking forward to tomorrow night.
We had lunch with Sara the next day before driving my truck down to Ken's farm down in Shoreham and got to see his new house getting worked on. After talking about how he is building his house good we then took took a trip down to his barn and got to see all the tractors and wood for his house and he gave me a pump for my vegetable oil which needs some work. Next was a drive down to the sunflower field and found a lot of birds eating the nuts off good flowers and a small look later and the oil was too late. We then went back to the barn and took some pictures of him and mom and friend of his Bill. Put a few boards which was his in for my sauna and roped them in the back of my truck. A little after leaving people were leaving the house tool spot and closed but we were 10 minutes late so I changed the filter for the veggie oil and was good for the ride home. Talked to mom about the project up at UVM for tomorrow and went to bed and got enough sleep to wake up the next morning to wash the truck.
By the time we got to the shop by 10:30 we started packing the bed with a lot of stuff for the free demo day we were part of at the basketball team fifteen minutes minutes late. We then set up and put the three thousand ams up and running and got everything set up with Kristin and a friend of hers for the event. Kyle Anger was the DJ Strain and did a lot of spinning and helped with his longboarding. The only he was down to was the manager Will Deming of Ridin' High, and he took a nice walk with me to the top of Mount Burlington where I fell and hurt my shoulder. I've only lost to Will once up on Smuggs and plan on beating him next time on July 13th of 2008, so if your fast be up there and your going down ! Hopefully this time I have a good helmet and leather on me to show everyone how I ride. Next summers great event! After the event we went down to the shop and to the vets in Mallets Bay Vet for mom's dog and then to my buddy who owns five houses place for a visit with Mike D... I'll be able to stay at his place soon but couldn't this weekend as he told me and mom we could ?
Then on Saturday we went to Maguals for breakfast and had a great meal with with mom who made me go to the hospital after the vet and as I told her my shoulder was not broken and she learned again how I live life. Great things we all do especially talking with mom and she finally took me to Higher Ground for a show that seemed a little work for the 25 yr old music player. Good music but I then got a ride down to Red Square but actually to Half Lounge where I saw two great friends Akaai and Joe Blecka and two good looking girls from New Hampshire. Thank you for the ride and I got to sleep in till 9;45 this morning which was actually 10:45 but today was earlier, thanks fall. Today was a great day and after some pancakes already made with NJ blueberries the rest of the day went well. After working at the shop with SF friend coming to buy two boards and helmit we then went to dinner with Ashley who works at Nectars, again thenks two Single Pebble. Well back to the hospital for tomorow but note till late in the day at first by 12:30 pm and then hopefully to the yurt this weekend with dad to work on the sauna. Well talk to you all soon and feel free to leave me a message and feel free to leave me a message at my phone number, 802 355-2447.
Big John who lose an additional 35 pounds to be medium john !


Anonymous said...

Crashy Crashy Crashy

You just won't give the parents a break from worrying about you! I love you and wish you could try a little harder to live life a little more low key so that you can heal. I hope you are out at the yurts with pops. It's getting colder everyday, and I can only imagine the Ads are cold! Call when you get a chance.

Love Rachel

Anonymous said...

did you get the concrete wave magazine?

let me know

michael brooke