Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks to all who made to my Harvest Party ! ! !

What a great party we just had over in Keene, N Y and such a yurts me and my friends have over there. The Farrell brothers were there and I saw both of them Andy and Nick and thanks Nick for reminding me that I helped you put your door on the newest Yurt built in 2003. Thanks to all who came out and helped me start to finish the sauna, it worked on Sunday afternoon and I did not wear any clothes that night. All the work was done with my father telling everyone what to do and done really well! Thanks again and hopefully everyone can read this and know how much I love everyone, respect...

love and peace,

Big John


Big John said...

thank you all for reading my blog, feel free to send me a message and my phone number is 802 355-2447 again 802 355 - BIGS so if you don't have my number now you have it so call me and leave me a message with your phone number and I'll call you back ! have a great night and I will too, no girlfriend right now and whom i'm looking for is a girl between 18-31 years old so if I'm good please tell me and leave me a comment or a call. Talk to you all soon and no how it felt to ride my moped today and reach 25 mph in my one way street. I f you need a place to live give me a call because I'm looking for a roommate or two ? talk to you all soon... big JOHN

J Kline said...

Glad you had what sounds like a landmark Harvest party! xoxox

Love love
Jen K
and the clan

Aunt Cynthia said...

Will you not follow your doctors' orders and not ride or skate as your brain is not yet completely healed? Many, many people struggled to bring you back to life and taking chances like that is not fair to any of us. Butch it up and lay off risks for a couple of years; there is more to life.
If you have extra energy, why not help someone who lacks it? You are part of society, not royalty, dear nephew.
With love and concern,
Aunt Cynthia