Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feels so great to be out of the hospital ! ! !

How head injury can change your life? My first injury came to me at 2 years old when my ankle was fat down to ankle knuckle. Next at 8 yrs old and at the family farm in Massachusetts called Brookside I tore my shoulder open on a milky machine. First my tshirt got called and pulled into my shoulder and open came to me, my dad's cousin Russell hit the machine off. Cut my tshirt off and drove me to a hospital in Fitchburg. Then a little older I had a cut to my left leg after rowing across the lake in the Adirondacks behind a club in St Huberts and after taking a row back and waiting for a half hour bus back to the club. Then Dad walked to get the car and drove me a half hour to the hospital in Elizabethtown to have it sewn closed and get rid of any bad stuff. Then after than that leg was better I broke my femur skating out of my buddy Sean's driveway in Wall Township New Jersey. This was the only time I had to spend a long time in a hospital almost eight weeks in a H that told me I'd be better in 3-4 weeks! Since then I broke my other shoulder at a friends house and was taken to Plattsburg for them to fix my clavicle taken and paid by the Farrells because I could not afford it. Thanks to the Farrells and opening me to the world of the YURT's. Since then I have broken my Right arm twice, the first time snowboarding in Lake Tahoe at a resort. I had climbed out a half hour to back slide and hiked well, at the bottom I hiked out of where I rode and didi not stapp myself in really hard and fell where the trail went from steep to flat. I got up and rode to the bottom and found the ski people who brought me in and told me I'd half to wait for an ambulance which I had a ride and got to the hospital quick. What would have cost me near thirdy thousand only cost me less than a thousand cause its how I live life as a poor guy. last thing was a broken in New Jersey was the same arm in a skatepark off NSG exit 124 and drove myself back to Vermont to have it fixed at the Burlington hospital. Since then all injuries I've taken by myself except for this last one where I fell too hard on 108 near Smuggs and now have to think about killing part of myself, my brain and how to ride better. Right now I think about equipment and a helmet that will protect my head because the next time I hurt myself will be too long.
Hope to see all my friends at my birthday party next Wendsday October 17 at higher Ground, please buy your tickets now because I want the big room ! ! !
Thanks and I hope to see you all there...

Big JOHN who wants to be medium John


Trish said...

Yo John:

What'd you want me to order on my way into Burlington on Friday from single Pebble? I know we both dig mock eel and the veg red oil dumplings...I like many mushroom tofu...and what's the broccoli thing you like? get back to me on this. Trish

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

So good to chat with you the other night, you sound like you are doing better everyday. Keep in touch! Much love, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
I am a good friend of Rebecca's. I know that we met and had some good times at her wedding a few years back. I heard about your accident back in August we she and Madhu were out here in SF. I am a doctor out here and right now am up late on call in the ICU at San Francisco General Hospital. For some reason, I decided to kill some down time by checking out your blog. Your progress is amazing. Right outside my call room door there are several young guys like you with traumatic brain injuries and it is hard to believe that any of them will ever get better. It can be such a depressing place. Thanks for giving me back some hope. Right on!! I am very excited for you and your family.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Bless Up John. Since we hear of your accident from Josh, you have been on my mind every day. I have sent off a few gifts from Rockers It's Dangerous Crew that will hopefully give you some additional strength and energy in your recovery. Love, Peace and Blessings from us all. Look forward to connecting soon!!!!

Rockers It's Dangerous Crew

Lance Stratton said...

G'day John,
With only two weeks left time in NZ time is flyin by. bumbed i wont be back for your bday but i'll make sure to party hard here in your honor. saw that there is forcaasted snow in the mountains of vt. cant wait to get back for what will be anther epic winter in VT. It's great to read your blog. keep up the good work man. see you real soon.

One Love

Erin said...

Can't wait for your birthday bash tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I don't know you...but I just read the article in the Free Press about your accident and your Therapy. You seem like such a great person with a wonderful attitude and outlook on life! Keep up the good've got many people praying for your FULL recovery! Peace~ Vanessa from VT