Sunday, October 14, 2007

John's Travels by Rebecca

Until last week, I hadn't seen my brother since my last trip to Burlington in early August. I'd spoken to him frequently, so I knew he was massively improved since I'd last seen him lying unconscious in the hospital. But, it was just amazing to see him leaning out my sister's apartment window, waving and calling down to us. Dinner that night included John, our father, Rachel, Julian, my husband Madhu and my little boy Leo (7 months old). We laughed and talked and enjoyed each other's company and toasted to his amazing force of life (not to mention amazing medical support) that brought John back from the brink. Little brother, you are amazing! I know it would be more fun to just forget about everything and go back to your old life, but please keep doing your work and respect your limits. Much love, Rebecca.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca~
Just as many of Biggie’s friends, I mean Medium’s friends, checking this blog became part of my daily routine. I just wanted to thank you and your family for your dedication, and willingness, to keeping Big’s crew informed with factual information about his condition.
Give Thanks,

Aunt Cynthia said...

Dear Little Nephew, Happy Thirtieth!
You are alive, we are really thankful, we love you, but please please TAKE IT EASY.
No one ever follows advice, but your parents and I have years on you and we want you to have years and years, too.
Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving, if not earlier . . . your dad has a bumper squash crop and you know, it was your grandfather JOVH's Favorite Pie!