Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm out of Fanny Allen Rehab and at a house with both parents!

So glad I got out of the hospital and glad to have Dr Knakal and spending almost a week at home with my mom who leaves me Friday morning... Dad comes up on Thursday same day we all eat a Vegan meal at 420 S Prospect so if your thinking about of me send me a comment! If I don't know you please call me at (802) 355-BIGS my cell phone and leave me a message and if I know you I'll call you back. Had a great visit with a girl at the hospital where she stays now but was where I was for 37 days, man how skating shows me the best. Can't wait to have a Vegan meal with Kate Gladstein and all her crew but tonight I dine with a friend and his girlfriend near Burton so the next few days I got dinner plans. Anyone who thinks how I live with all my crew must know about all my friends, Colorado, Montana, Tennessee, New Jersey, Massachusets, up and low New York, New Zealand and of course VERMONT !!! If your not on the list write to me and we'll write down where your from.
Just brought the COOL BUS to my mechanic and how to have my transmission and other parts fixed and hope to ride longboard and skateboard with all who come down to Ridin' High at the end of Pearl St looking out at the Adirondacks of New York, Thrashin Thursday . For all who want to come to my party October 17 at Higher Ground on a Wednesday night and everyone there can know my new age. Hopefully with Jesse Champagne a friend from fith grade, Turkey Bouillon Mafia with Seth Yacovone and Band playing Grateful Dead, then Lion Pride Sound plays all reggae songs... So if you can get tickets on Higher Ground Music .Com cause I want the big run to party in wher the band from Canada "the star" wants the big room. So if your a friend of mine make sure you get your tickets today! Birthday cake by one of my friends in Vermont Willie T so hope your hungry, all drinks from HG but I'm not drinking for a year or more.
Trying to lose some weight and get down to 220 from over 300 lbs, I'm now 265 leaving the hospital and want being a vegetarian to be the strongest skater VT knows. Burton contest (July 12 th 2008) on the one year skate back on there pool is all I can do but I have to get Burton friends to let me know its all good. I know I'm not the best skater Vermont has but I can run the program but I am the fastest longboard so get your feeling up! Hope to hear from all and see all skaters at Ridin' High when I can be there, but see me being best as Never Summer sees me be thanks to Malakai for talking to me last night. If you can get a snowboard get Smokin' from California, Never Summer from Colorado, or Burton from Vermont. Hope to talk to all my friends so leave me a message or call me !

Big John hopefully Medium John soon


John said...

"Medium John" - you're so funny!


Anonymous said...


It was nice talking to you and I look forward to seeing you. I think its great that you can help someone else in the hospital who's in need of a friend. I know no matter how small you get your heart will always be as big as ever. God Bless--


Erin said...

Yay John, congrats on getting out! You did it! You must be really happy....and proud of all the hard work you've put in. I look forward to your birthday party, I'm definitely going and bringing some of my homegirls with me. I'm sure you won't mind : )


Anonymous said...

I have been checking your blog and your progress is amazing. Glad to hear you are out of the hospital and enjoying life. I will try to catch up when I am in VT.

--Tim (aka Timmy Tim and the Tim Tims- I was a part of the ridin high team back in the scooter/vt all stars days with Pat A. from Maine; just in case you need a reminder)

Lance Stratton said...

Hey John Thanks for shouting out to the New Zealand crew, Just got back from another day on the slopes. today we were shredin an active volcano that "burped" a few weeks ago. Crazy right! Time is flying by and I'll be back in Vt soon. sorry im missing your party but i'll make sure to party hard here in NZ.

One love

Anonymous said...

it seems you have forgotten good old Ct me breeeda

Greta Jane said...

Hey Medium John!

I wanted to tell you about an awesome show coming up before your birthday bash. Finish up your 20's strong with this wild party.

Gogol Bordello in Montpelier
"this is only going to happen once!"
This event is planned to start at 7:00 pm on Oct 12, 2007 at Vermont College.

Greta Jane said...

Photos from our visit to Fanny Allen can be seen here:

Anonymous said...

can you please post the pics here, so we don't have to log-in to facebook? that would be great! thanks!

Malakai said...


Good to have you back with us man, you have so many, thinking of you, and how you have touched so many lives. See you as strong as ever, take your time, heal well and our thoughts remain with you.

Much respect brother...

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