Sunday, September 30, 2007



I relate this tale to amplify an aspect John's personality other than ER visits (one afternoon in Fanny Allen we examined and discussed his scars and determined there had been at least 10) and such affronts to soceity as smoking a joint on the steps of Madison Square Garden for which he had to pick up trash along 8th ave for 40 hours as service to community.

Once upon a time (in or about 2000 AD) John inadvertently snowboarded out of bounds at a Colorado ski resort during a whiteout as it turned out did others. When the sky cleared John found himself lost from the trail system but could sense where the ski town was and headed downhill toward a river valley which he deduced would lead to the town. As dusk approached he met a damsel from Texas in similar predicament but more panicked than he. They traveled together until stopped by dark. John ripped off spruce branches for a shelter and burned his dollar bills trying to start a fire to no avail. But as they snuggled together for the night they heard a snowmobile approaching and waved and yelled it down. It was the ski patrol searching for another group of lost skiers who had called in with a cell phone but in the dark terrain were having trouble locating them but eventually did.

Meanwhile down in the valley John's friend Allison having searched all the bars and restaurants at the recommendation of the ski patrol was distraught at the patrol's cavalier attitude but delighted when he did return with them. About a month later they related the story to me at my New Hampshire home which explained a mysterious message on my phone by a woman in Texas thanking me for my son having saved her daughter's life.



Anonymous said...

I can remember the first time you told me this story. We were in the living room of your Alpine Haven spot. Do you still have the article you showed me?

molly said...

haha, i can see john being that wonderful person and helping out a distraut woman, a ladies man if you will ;-)

Anonymous said...

Biggy that lady was lucky it was you a big guy with all that yurt experience A true outdoorsman if you will unlike myself glad you are able to be in a more comfortable place now a days your buddy waxy

Lance Stratton said...

Gooday from New Zealand,
Hey Big John from half way around the world where the snow is currently falling in the mountains. I have been detached from Johns strong recovery for a month now and it fills my heart with joy to hear that it continues. New Zealand has been unbelievable as we made sure to get some sick pow turns in for you big john. I return to Burlington on Nov. 1st and can't wait to see you for the first time in too long. stay strong and I'll see you soon.

One Love