Friday, September 28, 2007

Out of Fanny Allen TODAY !!!!!

Hope my mom gets here soon so I can get out out of this crazy place. Meeting with Dr Knakal at 2pm so if you get my message come to my house on 32 Russell St for some dinner. Longboarding should be strong tomorrow with Will Deming manager of Ridin' High and my hope help event. Kody skateboarding tomorrow at Burlington's Skatepark at what time I'm not sure but the longboarding starts at 12pm so be at the park before Burton. What a great pool they have at the B center and a nice mini ramp next to that. Makes the vert ramp that use to be there miss its life and look to come back as a pool. Sitting at the computer till 8:30 so hope to see you all soon.



purplejenn said...

I am so happy for you John! See you later at the new spot!!! Enjoy your walk out the fanny doors! Much love & peace!

Anonymous said...


Hope you take it slow! The road will be a bit different this time into B town.

much love rachel, julz, and amby

Hannah said...

Hey there it is me Hannah. I have loved reading your words. I don't know if you know this or not, but I too lived under Dr. Knackl for a month or so. Head injury, fell off a ladder. I would like to chat with you when you feel up to it. My only advice as a head injury survivor, take it easy on yourself. Things will be normal again, patience from within. I know it is hell...but trust me. xo, Hannah

Molly said...

HURRAY JOHN!!! You'll be out of there soon enough & can't wait for some wonderful dinner with you tonight! See ya @ the new spot

Brad said...

Congratulations Big Hearted John.
I'm spreading the word about your birthday and will be sure to get tickets in advance.
Just read after my neighbor told me you were on the news, that's the way John rolls.

Be well, BQ