Friday, September 14, 2007

Glimpsing the Future by biggs mama

Back in VT after my sojourn at home in NJ to find John waking up more each day. He admits not remembering his first week at Fanny Allen, so actually only awake for two weeks now. His progress is amazing, and gives hope that in the 2 1/2 weeks left before his discharge 10/2 that he will continue to grow stronger, steadier and more alert. "You know how I go Mama" he says. I watch in amazement as he walks down and up stairs, walks around cones without the walker, walks around the building with his walker, and moves more gracefully from bed to chair without assistance.

Yesterday's adventure to Ridin High was very uplifting and exciting for Biggie! The shop was very busy with customers buying boards, Will and Sky working hard. John successfully descended the narrow stairs to the lower level and enjoyed sitting there with Sheehan, Jared and his fiance', Betsy and Amigo, Sarah and his therapists Rich and Bonnie. While it was a short visit, he glowed being back in his own element. Afterwards he walked around the shop outside, and posed happily for photos. It was awesome to see him standing next to his painting on the back wall. From there we drove by the Russell St house he'll be calling home. Dave and Dave were there working, so he enjoyed chatting with them while Bonnie and I went inside so she could see where he will be living and tailor some exercises for him to prepare for his homecoming. All in all it was a very successful outing and the emotional uplift carried him well into the evening.

Biggie is trying to work out a few hours at the skate event down by the lake this Saturday. I'm sure he'll post about the details once we can firm things up, so watch for his next blog entry.

John's progress is a testament to John's spirit and to the outstanding therapy he's receiving. There without distractions he can fully focus on his recovery. He is working very hard and gives his wholehearted attention to each task. When looking at him it is not as apparent how damaging this event has been to him, and how much work he still has to do to regain his life. Those of us who have lived through this life changing event with him remember each and every day. John doesn't. He also doesn't realize how delicate his brain is, and how he has to alter his lifestyle to prevent future damage. Brain damage is cumulative, and further injury will exponentially effect his recovery and his future. John is being counseled in this area, and has been told that he will have to abstain from drinking, smoking, skating and snowboarding for one year. He also won't be allowed to drive for the foreseeable future. I say all this to you because we need each of you to support John by not encouraging him in ways that will derail his progress or disconnect his brain from recovering. Russell Street will be a "clean house" and we ask your cooperation and your support. If you have any questions or want to know how you can help John once he comes home, please ask Van or me.

He so enjoys your responses to his posts, and your visits and the great foods you've been bringing him. Thank you and please continue to come by.


sheehan said...

John, it was so good to see you at the shop yesterday, and I really enjoyed our visit on tuesday. They are taking good care of you at Fanny Allen even though they are waking you up too early....the time with the therapists is good for you. I know you are dissappointed with the suggestion of no smoking and drinking for one year, but you can do it and it will make you stronger. Remember when I didn't drink or smoke for one year, we still hung out and I always had a really good I know from experience you can do it. You were really supportive during that time, thank you, I plan to return the favor.

It really makes me happy to see you with a big smile on your face everytime I see you. You keep sharing your love for life and the world with all of your visitors which is so wonderful. Thank You Big Man......MUCH LOVE


Trish said...

hi john, Sorry I missed your call. I don't get very good reception at work (or my apartment for that matter) but will def give you a call back in a few hours when I will get better reception so we can chat longer. I had a small concussion from biking out in portland a few years ago...nothing as big as what you are going through but I was purposely careful not to drink and smoke for quite some time afterwards for fear that my head wasn't right yet...very therapeutic cleansing time for me as should it be for you. And it will heal you faster. Call you in a bit. trish

Anonymous said...

Biggy nothing made me happier then to hear your voice yesterday i still cant believe the ride that only you could pull off. I remember you Sky and I went on a skate and you guys were so good so i tried to keep up and what happened i fell so bad i scraped my knees and elbows and bled for hours at UVM waiting for Sky to come back and get me. I told myself thats it im done skatin... You calmly told me "Waxy you know how many times i have fallen you have to get back up and try it again". It really stuck with me Biggels and i thank you for that and a true testament to that is the recovery you are making you are a true inspiration to all your friends and family and i love and thank you for that cant wait to see you in Novems for a cluse run into chillin at the shop big ups everytime keep up the hard work your friend for LIFE WWWWaxy

sheehan said...

John, Here is the info you need to check your email accounts.

To Check click here call me if you need your password again

To check, go to click mail or click here your Yahoo!ID is rdnhgh and your password is the same as your other account, call me if you need a reminder.



John said...

Yay for keeping the shop open all this time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Biggie, It was so great to talk to you tonight, the warmest feeling Ive had in my heart since moving to ucky Worcester. I am happy you were able to see the mural at Ridin High, it is still on my comp's bachground. I wish I was still in VT living on chase st, I used to jog pass fanny allen every morning!(well, on the mornings I jogged ;) I will be up to see you again soon, I am going to try and get ahead on my school work so I can come at least for your birthday, hopefully before then. Miss you and love you, Shawna

saraes88 said...

i am so glad to hear how well john is progressing. you have been through so much as a family and i very much admire your strength and faith. he is a strong person and he has always been. i only wish i could be there to help out. please let me know anything i can do even from afar. for the first two months i figured you all had some really great people up there--great friends--to help you out. now that some time has passed i want you to know that i am here and that there are more of us who wll help you and john as much as we can. my phone number is 610-350-9133. i am hoping to visit vt in the next few months, but please do not hesitate to call me for anything! keep the faith, and john, you just keep on climbing. you have come so far!!
sara savage

Biggs Mama said...

Thank you sarahes88, we appreciate your comment and offer of help. I guess by the 610 area code you're down in PA. John would enjoy a phone call, he now has his cell phone, so give him a shout.

When you come up, come by Russell St.
biggs mama

Anonymous said...

From a Guardian Angel,

Biggs Mama is absolutely right with regard to abstaining from activities that will further cause detrimental injury to his brain

Smoking and drinking kills brain cells, period.
Even in healthy brains...

He is recovering from a severe brain injury where he now needs to preserve what cells remain (for the rest of his life) so he may continue to regain a similar lifestye.

He means a lot to many people. Let's try to give him every opportunity to flourish.

For reading material....

Anonymous said...

For reading material... Go ahead and Google "brain trauma marijuana"
Definitely more than one medical theory/opinion on this.

Anonymous said...

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