Saturday, September 8, 2007

John at rdn hgh

John bigs,
Just a little guy coming in to ambulance the way... Sheehan little good in moving with my dad and Aaron from the ware house to the house, little to say about Betsy and Jen... Another mind way for me to trash out of Fanny Allen Rehab and the other house people this place happens. Dad has a lot to say about OM so let your wind clear and let me know what you think.

Love big John...


Anonymous said...

Wednesday October 17th at HigherGround

Big John's Rise Up 30th Birthday Celebration

Featuring Turkey Bouillon Mafia and friends perfomring the music of the Grateful Dead, intermixed with sets by Lion Pride Soundsystem!!!!!

Can one of you guys repost this for me? I'll send along more details later. Spread the word!!!

Trish said...

John, your call made my weekend. Awesome to hear your voice. I probably won't be able to make the wednesday birthday bash but will definitely be up the weekend before or after for a pre or post bash of our own!! Cool that I can actually call and let you know. Wish you could come to Peru with me but they'll be many more trips to come.


Anonymous said...

John here,
trish great to hear your voice as well. Waking up the new morning before Sunday so come on up here whenever you need, Out of the hospital October 2 and having my yearly loak October 26 thru the 28. So get up whenever free, talk to soon.