Wednesday, September 5, 2007

CRASH NO. 15 by pops

Crash's crash number 15 ( plus or minus a few) occurred in the sand pit off Gleason Falls Road in Hillsboro Upper Village NH. I recall it as late Thanksgiving weekend 2000. My Big Sister, her husband sort of Robbie Bobbie, John and I were gathered in the morn at my sisters 1780 Cape with John's friend Allison sleeping in the upstairs bdroom over the kitchen. Noting sparce provisions we send John to our village store for OJ, bacon, and milk a mile distant in Allisons less than a week old Durango. After 15 minutes he had not returned and we puzzled. After 30 we pondered what could have possibly happened. At about minute 45 he came walking up the drive and I met him and was gruffly ordered to drive hime up to my abode (mile and a half away) to get his vehicle and tow ropes. We returned to the sandpit and hooked up both our trucks to the Durango which was precariously tipped on its side on a bank. It was not that high and it would have only fallen about 10 feet but onto a 3-4 foot rock below the passsenger windows. Our vehicles could not budge the Durango but we left them attached and walked the couple hundred yards back to my sister's. Crash noting that after an indetermainably long time in the Durango with the driver door headed into the air he realized he could be there all day so ever so slowly opened the door and climbed out.

To make a long story short, by then Allison was up and an hour of hushed conversations which stopped in her presence and phonecalls ensured and we fnally got 2 wreckers to pull the Durango out which was wedged on a boulder in the sand in in no real danger of toppling. Surprisingly no damage was done and John sped to the nearest car wash and soon appeared in sister's driveway with the SUV sparkling. In the kitchen he met Allison and said "we have to talk" and they went upstairs and soon came down smiling. i presume he explained how returing with the OJ bacon and milk a mysterious force drew him into the sandpit and sped him around a few times. but while driving out at a very reasonable speed he hit a bump which threw him aside nearly toppliing her car. Ah, yes, the mysterious forces that propel us through the universe. pops 9/5/07


Anonymous said...

From Cynthia VH on a cool am in NH:
Yo Crashie and Van,
Yikes, I remember the day of the Sandpit Incident. It probably wasn't 2000, as that was the T'giving when our mother died. Earlier. I think we took some pictures. It was WILD to see that huge vehicle hanging over a cliff in that empty sandpit. You forgot that some neighbors came along and helped without comment. Once again, I was astonished at the difference between the sexes—WHO else would do such a thing? The same boy who climbed a maple the first time he visited me on Gleason Falls Road—in order to pee out of it. I just stared. Why, I had never even thought of peeing out of my tree!
Crash, you are an eccentric in a family of eccentrics. We need you to push the envelope, to dream up the future, we admire your raw nerve, but PLEASE take it easy, take it day by day, so I can cook you Thanksgiving dinner in the house near the sandpit. No meat, just fabulous mushrooms and incredible pies, at least 3 kinds.
My advice is the usual: READ.
Vast Love to you,
Aunt Cynthia

Molly said...

haha, this is a great story!! i can picture biggie doing that, who wouldn't want to take a new Durango out for a spin in the sand pits?!

Anonymous said...

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