Monday, September 3, 2007

Biggie J for the Rest by big john

biggs mama is doing the typin, but I'm doing the talkin.

Where's Rachel, Julian and Ambrose? Keeping an eye on my Grandma's old house in Spring Lake NJ. I was born in San Diego then moved to Colorado, back to Cali, then Texas, then on to NJ. Let you know I'm from all over. From NJ moved up to Keene Valley, NY for 5th grade with Pops, then back to NJ for a few years with my Mama and sisters, then up to the Ads for 8th grade with Pops. Back to NJ to RBC until spring of junior year when I moved back to the ads with pops to finish out the school year. Then went on for senior year to Fair Haven in Orwell, VT. Then two years at UVM. Then opened out Ridin High. Got it?

Time to Ride. Strap em in.You know how it goes. Talk to you soon.
Big John


John said...

You rule, John.

John and Carm

Vince said...

Hey John,
I can't believe I've been following your fall and progress from Portland, Oregon. I have not spoken to or seen you in many months as I moved to Portland in March of 06.

Things are great out here, and I hope to be back in Vermont this winter. I am so stoked that you're getting better and know that I've been thinking and rooting for you from out West.

Take care Big John,

Vince LaVecchia

E said...

It was so cool to hear your voicemail today Big J. The 2nd will be here before you know it. Rock on.
Erik and Ana

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cynthia writes:
HELLO, dear nephew!
I just got DSL installed at Sunnyside and going to my first site, YOU OF COURSE, I am amazed that you are now speaking for yourself.
I am really happy for you.
Work hard, dear boy, retrain that brain -- you'll need it. Do what the pros say, PLEASE!
I love you,