Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Friday morn John and I cornered Dr Knakel next to the nurses station and he agreed to release John after all therapies on this Friday. (By my calculations it will be 11 weeks one day since my 11 PM call from social worker Tim at Fletcher Allan.) On saturday PT started John walking up and down the banks around the building and getting up from falls. I am sure PT and OT have a strenous week planned and anticipate he will walk out withut cane or brace. At least twice a day of late John and have gone to the healing garden where he has even stopped bitching about everything but the food and is very interested in what happened and who visited during the weeks he did not wake.

Check at the last minute but on Tues at 4 Aaron and his got junk crew plan to move more of J's worldly possessions from the warehouse to 32 Russell street, We can use help on both ends. We will perhaps have a small gathering at 32 russell fri eve. I remind you it will be a clean house. I keep telling John my little league coach repeatedly told us "no drinking, no smoking , no late nights." John says banning late nights is out of the question but has added no eatng of dead animals or consuming caffeine. However the caffeine consuming family members have screamed in protest but promised the consumption of their vice will be done with discretion.

Again can use help Tues at 4 but Aaron has yet to confirm exact time so please check. AND again thanks for all your support, love, meals, prayer throughout the ordeal. pops


Terry Godfrey said...

What up Bigs. Great to see you today with some old school bredrens. The shop is doing great, longboarding is BLOWING UP! Anyway you're almost out and the Pearls are wating. See you soon.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bro. The release countdown continues, eh? Guess I don't blame you for being sick of lockdown. Just don't give them too much of a hard time there b/c they have your best interests in mind. RT.

Anonymous said...

You sound so great.
We' ve all been through the flames this summer -- of course, you most of all, but you weren't aware of all of it! Or maybe it was just as bad for your parents, who were, and I have never used the word before: AWESOME.
I am anxious to see you soon and give you a huge hug and an apple pie. I can't come now-- tons of work before Oct 9, but I think of you a lot and realize how precious you are!
Love from your Favorite Aunt! XXX
It's sunny at Sunnyside today; maybe I'll go swimming!