Friday, September 21, 2007

I want Comments!!!!!

Big John here at Fanny Allen Rehab wishing more people let me know their with me! My birthday coming up real fast less than three weeks to get tickets, I want the big room not the liitle one. So let the band who has the BIG room they be the smallest! Leave me a message as well cause I don't know what my email is? So if you know my email let me know,



Anonymous said...

Hi John, Cannot wait for my trip back up to VT, should be a 3 day weekend! You must be excited to move into your new house, I guess that is where you will be when I come to visit you next. I hope there is nice weather this weekend so you can walk around are almost there, keep up the great work!!
peace and love from Worcester, Shawna

Anonymous said...


The Rise Up Vermont crew is wishing you all the best. You'll be back at all the reggae shows before you know it! We've had you in our thoughts. You're an inspiration to all.


Anonymous said...

Nice going on the walking and the early release. You are amazing!!!


purplejenn said...

Hey John! Only 1 more week! Whoo hoo! I'll be calling in a few minutes to see what you want for dinner tonight! See you soon! ~Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hey John, I am back to living in Maine and coaching young freeride athletes, dryland training. Funny story, i got pulled over by a cop for riding my longboard on the Sugarloaf access road. He clocked me at 42 in a 35, luckily he was in a good mood and I didn't get a ticket. I have been thinking about u alot since the accident and really wanted to voice my concerns for you but didn't. B4 I left VT I made a point to see U in the hospital. It was really hard for me, i didn't know what to say to U except to tell you that we are all pulling for you.
Funny story, I brought john a large tomatoe from my parents garden. He bit into it like an apple. The nurse said "Wow, you're eating that like an apple". John gave here a classic big john glare as if to say, "Yeah, a dah, why is this a big deal to you" John always had a way of carrying himself that made things that others viewed as extreme, dangerous, or different seem very ordinary and obvious. He looks at everything like no big deal and why not. So I am very happy to know that you continue to improve and you should know that your attitude on life has been enlightening to so many people. so take your time and heal up, then come snowboard with me this spring.
Much love and respect

Jones said...

wha gwan Biggie, just sayin hello and that it was great to hang with you last night. Dinner at the skinny pancake with family and friends was great. Hanging by the waterfront just like ol times. See you soon. Jones

Anonymous said...



Weezy here! What's good buddy? I've been trying to get a hold of you, but I always miss you...You gotta call me, there is so much I want to share with you! You're looking so good in the photos posted, I am so so so proud of you. And I got another package on the way! Let me know what I can send you, music or whatever, don't be shy. ;)

Be in touch my good friend,I think of you everyday. EVERYDAY!
The backround picture on my phone that I look at like a million times a day is of me and you with our faces squished together cheek to cheek trying to get our big heads in the frame. HA ha!Its really cute. I wish I knew how to get it off my phone to you...

Keep up the hard work. Stay positive everyday. Don't get frustrated, take your time and heal, build strength! Jah guidence
I am here for you.
Love love

Blessed love, John.

Anonymous said...

Dear John,
I just saw pics of u on Gretta's facebook~ u look amazing! I am so happy I am chatting with you right nowwwww. My good wishes have been with u for months, did u feel them? Ha!
Well, a birhday party seems like the perfect thing to look forward to! I cannot believe how old we are, it feels like we both have had like 7 lives already. Getting in touch with Gretta makes me feel young, happy and carefree~ like we all were our frosh year at living and learning! Keep eating your spinach, popeye and I'll catch up w/ u soon, arrrrrr!
love, Vanessa Valente

Biggs Mama said...

Good Morning Son,
So very nice chatting with you today. Sunday 9/23. Just 5 more sleeps before you spread out in your king bed at Russell Street! I'm really looking forward to seeing David and Dale's vision come true. Us walking out of the hospital arm in arm! That is the vision I've held in heart and soul throughout this long and difficult journey, and it's about to materialize on Friday! Hooray!
Love you baby,
Yo Mama

Anonymous said...

Hello John,

It's is great to talk to you. I can't wait to see you for your Birthday Party. I just bought tickets online. I hope we get the big room too. Keep up the good work. Lot of love

See ya soon-Carolyn

vanessa said...

Hello John! I'd love to come by for a visit soon...maybe you've got some sore muscles? Or just want to hang out and have some delicious Vermont apples. I've been keeping up with this blog and hearing about your progress. You are so loved and have so much wonderful support around you. let's connect soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are getting out early and have a new pad. Hope all is well and that we can catch up soon. Keep on movin' One love and many blessings-Mike and Cara

Anonymous said...

John, you don't remember me, but I helped take care of you in the ICU and we have all been following your progress through this blog. I think it is amazing that we can read this every day, and see how you have healed and blown us all away. I just wanted to let you know, I was thinking of you, and when you are out and about one day, stop by and see us.
Emily from Night shift

Anonymous said...


Piccirilli here.... Glad to see how well your doing. You should know that even though I haven't posted, I've been reading this blog often. My thoughts are with you and I am so truely amazed and happy at how far you've come in such a short amount of time. Can't wait for your birthday at Higher Ground.

All the Best,

Sinjin said...

John, congratulations on your fortitude and resilience. You've been an inspiration, and I can't tell you how glad I am to see you getting better and staying so determined through this whole process.


St. John

Alanna Grace said...

hey hey :) a little love from Benson, VT.
it's so nice to read your words!
i'm psyched for the benefit and i will also see you at COREY'S WEDDING! it's crazy, right?

Miss ya biggie.
It'll be nice to see that big smile again. :)

Love from the Flynn's

chill said...

the news just made it out here in MT of your most
excellent recovery. Raise a fat one, one and all in
celabration. Come see us and ride the Big, you always have a place to stay here.

the chill