Monday, September 10, 2007

John at rdn hgh

John is here from ridin' high to tell you all that future is almost here. Second day for me getting my own praces out so if you can welcome to me either thru 802 847 9502 or my cell phone which my dad carries ... So get in touch with I at Fanny Allen Rehab or touch my time thru time. Publishn post and get in time with I ...



Anonymous said...

Its been great talking with you. I wish I was there to hang with you. I will see you soon. The party will be great. The big 30. I look forward to dinner at the single pebble. I love reading the blog so please keep it up. lots of love-Carolyn

Terry said...

Can't believe what's goin down for you Birthday. Turkey Boulion Mafia featuring the music of the Grateful Dead! Are you kidding??? I'm super pumped for it. I heard a little rumur of potential dual drummers........ DAMN!

T Dak

Anonymous said...

You are moving closer to your old self everyday. Just remember all it took to get you here and respect the message the universe just sent you. As dad always says easy does it! I won't be able to go to your party but I will bring Ambrose and Julz to see you and celebrate the weekend before. Wow almost thirty!

love your big little sis

Sara said...

Slim, it has been great seeing you and the amazing progress you are making. I'm proud of you and look forward to your blog posts every day. Keep up the good work and soon we'll be swaying to the music of the Grateful Dead and celebrating the big 3-0! Love, Sara