Friday, September 14, 2007

Up with Early for BrEakfast?

Big John here for breakfast here at 7:15 to wake up for an early shuttle with Jon at 8 am instead on 8:30... Yesterday was really good going to Ridin' High for 45 min before heading home so if close please stop on Russell St off N Willard and North St a little past North St. Here at Nally Allen Rehab near St Mikes if you gotsome time to stop by... So any do I'm trying to get down to contest weather it be Sat on Sunday, Peace.


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pops said...

Yo Little Belly,
Not many shrooms in the forest yesterday compared to last 3 wet summers. Did pick two clusters of oysters on an old dead rock maple but last year it had masses (at least 20 pounds) when I viewed it in early October. And not a honey mushroom to be seen. That is zip where there were hundreds last year. A honey msuhroom mycelium in washington state is the worlds biggest organism at 2200 acres (genetically tested around the perimeter) as is spreads eating the forest. Not so invasive here but have seen them growing out of live hemlocks.

Picked a couple quarts of plums,and a half bushel of asian pears to bring up. Also have a big crop af marechal foch grapes (ony french hybrid wine grape hardy enough for this area) I will bring them up for they also make a great grape juice with cherry flavor.

time for after lunch nap. love pops