Tuesday, September 11, 2007

John with Fanny Allen Rehab for goods

Big John here,
Here at East tower trying to game my cycles... If you can come visit John at Fanny or have my way little kids. Had over six come show me their way yesterday so if you got today I only have Sheehan and Jam so come catch with bio... I hope to be holding a movie with Travis on Saturday down at the Ridin' High keep on the movie way if not RH way it will be the Burlington Sk8way. Hope to see you all down there so if you can try me at 802 847 9502 hope to be taking thursday off at the shop for a little way to be, see ya'll soon.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to hail the I. Kel and I are going to come visit you some day this week. Keep up the hard work. Winter is right around the corner! After all, what would a Big Jay or Mines trip be without seeing the man they call Biggles out there.
Nuf luv and rawspect,
Uncle Sizzle and Kel

Anonymous said...

Just got back from my first full day in the lab here at UMass. On my computer's background is the amazing picture of You(Biggie) painted on Ridin' High. I again received many complements(although I couldnt credit it) and told several of the post docs about your incredible story. It is truly amazing how fast you are healing, I believe you would be a great model for studying biochemistry ;) Makes me want to be a doctor more than ever....but remember, slow and steady always wins the race:) More peace and love than ever!

Anonymous said...

Biggie J You are the man. I miss you. Can't wait to go to the yurt.

Yama No Tsuki

saraes88 said...


I have been looking at your blog each day and keeping you in my prayers. I always remember my days working with you at VT All-Stars/Ridin' High with fondess. You've come a long way, brother and we are all so proud. Keep up the good work and positive attitude.

Sending love and light your way,
Sara Savage

Anonymous said...


Biggy-J!! I am so excited you called me! I tried to call you back, but it was busy all day. I will keep trying and am sending you some more mail!

I am looking forward to talking to you so much. I miss you and think of you EVERY DAY. I love you my friend.

Keep it real in Burlington, "the Mayor is back!" Keep up the good work! We are so proud of you.
Jah love,

Weezey/ Elizabeth

molly said...


i'm so happy to hear that your doing so well! i check the blog often & ever time i'm so happy to hear about your progress! you should post what kinds of sushi and things you like so i can come prepaired with a wonderful meal for you next time i visit! love you and miss you so much!!


purplejenn said...

John friend,
It was awesome to see you last night! You're doing fabulous and you're right - the future is almost here! See you again Friday! Much love & peace,

Ellen said...

Good words.