Friday, September 28, 2007


As predicted by Dr. Link on day 2 or 3 John has a problem with word recall. with all time time Ihave spent with him I have developed a sense of his missing or misused words and can usually understand. However on the skinny pancake/shop trek I noticed many bewildered/puzzled looks at what he said. Rather than give him the words the speech therapists have reccmended I coax them out of him and if not then give them to him and reccomend his friends use the same approach and tell him when he is not understandable rather than let it go by.

Yesterday John was tired from his many visitors the night before and slept through PT and left Speech early. The staff has been stressing he will likly try to do too much and experience fatigue. Be kind and do not push him to overdo. He needs the scheduled out patient therapy. In my opinion encouraging late nighs and overactivity is like giving some one with emphasima a pack of cigarettes. Speaking of which John has found out his lungs are about 40% gone from you know what.

But the above will not diminish his mothers and my joy when we walk out with him this late afternoon. We again thank you all and look forward to your viists to 32 Russell. pops

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