Saturday, September 8, 2007


Last eve I had the great pleasure of going to Dobra Tea with John as a recreational therapy outing. The staff required it be to a quiet familiar place without too much sitimualtion. While there john told Amanda, the proprieteress and RTer Rich that he had been in hospitals for 8 weeks including 30 days in the turkey (ICU) with 25 chickens (wires) in his head. Many of his brain conections ae not back yet and I hear a hundred things a day callled a turkey, fish, tofu, etc. he knows what he is lookiing at and the correct word but it does not come out and he does not mind being corrected. A typical condition for those as injured as severely and will decrease with time his doctor and speech therapist assured me. Still it makes for many amusing moments as when out for a tour of the parking lot in his wheeelchair he ponted at a car ant told the PTer it was an "86 Tofurkey" By the way John did peak in the ICU with14 tubes and 24 into wires into him along with a bolt through his skull and it was touch and go for 3 weeks. His rebound is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks for your love, prayers, support. pops

and tons of thanks to aaron and his got junk crew, betsy, jen, sheenan, and a gentleman whose nome I can't recall for help with moving furniture from the warehouse to russell street.

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Cynthia writes:
Hooray, the outing sounds amazing!
Van, you are doing a really great job.
Crashie, don't let the turkeys get you down.
We love your life force: as Dylan wrote:
"He who's not busy being born,
is busy dying . . ." and you are grabbing
life by the tail, er, tofu!
Aunt Cyn