Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yo Little Belly by pops

Yo Little Belly,

Heading back this morn after 7 sleeps at hall cottage (the most since
your accident) with a cooler and boxes full of tomatoes, cukes, pears,
red cabbage and other treats too numerous to mention.

This poem floated by one on a trek back while you were in coma when I
passed the spot just below the Halfway House on 22A.


In Shoreham Vermont
I saw a state trooper
reach over a fence
and scratch a cow's ears.

vn 8/7/07

Another brewed yesterday


Remember when, Sheila
you emailed me from Phoenix that
rather than coming for dinner
you were awaiting Kristin's spinal surgery
and she might not walk again??
Her life now good with limitations.
Rather Fierce Grace for one so young.
My son's Grace seems more deserved
but "What the Bleep do I know."
My son is walking and talking
with wide eyed exuberance for life.
We plan some work on my place come November.
You'll be back from Holland, MS in hand.

van 9/18/07

love pops

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