Wednesday, September 5, 2007

john by big john

lets do a litle less dying and a little more living. my niext bind is going to be with more and 3 nephews. that is how we go. julian was here . he is 14 and helped me extra. john who is hoping to come here also looks to learn typing. so keep your typing ready and send me some stuff. slim john


sheehan said...

Looking for Volunteers!!! Thursday 9/6 @4:00pm

Big John's is leaving the rehab center on Oct 2. In an effort to help set him up at his new home, we are going to be moving Biggie's posessions from his warehouse on the corner of North Ave and Berry Street to the house on Russell Street.

Aaron Fastman is donating the use of his large box truck, and is coordinating the effort for Thursday 9/6 @4:00pm. Thank You Aaron.

Aaron's phone number is 802.236.9485

Sheehan's phone number is 802.734.2391

The more friends of John who come out the quicker the job will be. Even if you can just stop by for a little while to help load or unload, the help will be appreciated.

Please forward this message and spread the word to anyone who might be able to help. Thank You.

Amy McGinnis Lugo said...

hey john,
andy and I have been following your blog and are so thrilled that your doing so much better! its been nice to read the posts from your family. it was so wonderful of them to start this so that we all could read your progress. take care and we hope to see u soon!
amy and andy lugo

Biggs Mama said...

Hey John Boy,
Wow, great progress yesterday! Doing your own laundry and walking to an fro without the walker! Also heard you were working on time and number problems with great success. You're doing such fantastic work getting yourself healed. You're in a great place with super therapists to help you, so take advantage of the help, your time spent there will all be worth it! Love ya baby,
yo mama

Silas said...

Damn Big John!

What a crazy ride! I'm so glad your folks setup this blog, it's been great for following your progress and the miracle speed of recovery that has blessed you.

Look forward to seeing you out and about again!! Harvest time at the yurt!