Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rider Down Deja Vu by biggs mama

Many of you know, or know of Julian, Biggie's nephew, Rachel's 14 yr old son, my grandson. Last evening, 9/25 Julian took a hard landing off his longboard suffering internal injuries. His Mom rushed him to Jersey Shore Trauma center where he was admitted to the pediatric ICU for observation due to trauma and bleeding in his spleen. While not life threatening, if the bleed doesn't stop by itself, he may need surgery. We'll know more in the coming 24 hours. Please wrap your prayers and healing energy around young Julian that he may make a speedy and smooth recovery without complications.

For me it was deja vu as I informed my housemates that I had to make another late night journey to the ICU at the Trauma Center, only this time it was I who drove to Rachel's side as she had done to mine July 12th. And too, "not life threatening" made this journey less frightening than that one. "What can I do to help" asked Julian's Uncle Madhu and Aunt Rebecca? "Call Latha to find out what we're dealing with" I replied. They did, and shortly later came back to me that first of all we can live without a spleen, however as an important center for immune function, spleen damage can make a body more susceptible to bacteria. Ok, we can deal with that. My Cherokee brother David returned my call informing me that if Julian's spleen should need to be removed in the event it doesn't stop bleeding, only the damaged part of the spleen would be removed, and that over time the remaining part would grow, and would still function. Ok, we can live with that.

Arriving at the trauma center in Neptune, NJ at 10:10 PM I was greeted at an entrance by a security guard who very quickly reminded me "you're not in Kansas any more, Dorothy". 1st prize one week in Neptune, second prize two weeks. After a quick mental adjustment I found my way to the emergency entrance, past the security desk to wander down guerney lined halls filled with a diversity of people requiring assistance, until finally locating the proper elevators ascended to the PICU. There I found Julian, hooked to an IV and monitors as his doctor made adjustments and a worried Mama perched uncomfortably in a convertible chair/bed. "Julian was in some pain, perhaps at that moment more from realizing his weekend trip to Georgia for a Bulldogs football game with his Grandpa Steve was cancelled now, or from realizing that he'd have to spend the remainder of 2007 in quiet repose.

This morning Rachel reported that his blood count didn't change during the night, which is a good sign that the bleeding is abating itself. He'll be monitored for two more days, and then, hopefully he'll be discharged.

Please y'all... no more ICU training for this ole gal, I've had quite enough thank you. I'll be back up to VT on Friday for a discharge meeting and then to walk arm in arm with my son out the door of Fanny Allen! Wow, what a concept! Awesome. With great gratitude to all who've supported us, my Love.
biggs mama


John said...

Get better, Julian.
Thinking about you, Rachel and Ambrose!


purplejenn said...

I hope Julian continues to follow in Uncle Biggie J's footsteps and has a super speedy recovery and feels back to normal very soon! Much love and peace,

Anonymous said...

Julian my friend get better soon your old buddy Waxy

Anonymous said...

Great news!
Julz got the ok to move 2 a regular room as soon as one opens up. Thanks for all the good energy! Julian will have to take it easy too- just like his uncle! Hope John's return to burlington is a smooth ride. I look forward to seeing him at russell st. Good friends, great love, and the mayor returns.


Terry said...

We love you Jules, you're in all of our thoughts. You and your uncle can spend some time rehabbing!


Molly said...

My thoughts are with you Julian! I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery just like biggie!