Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks to all who let me know !!!!!

Big John here hoping I get out Fanney Allen Hospital and get to go to Jared and Alex wedding on Saturday. Hope everyone who reads this know I really love the comments. Thank you for working at the ICU when I didin't have a lot of room, thank you Emily! Hope all can make it to Will Deming contest on Saturday for 15 miles of longboarding, Started down by Burton park and on the bikelane 7.5 miles then the same back. So stop by Ridin' High and let people there tell you about the event. Skateboarding is not dead either with a Skating Contest going on at the usual Burlington Sk8park by Ridin' High Dakoda. Well thanks to all my friends and all the great meals that comes to horribal Food served here.



ChrisM said...

cant wait to have you out of there guy,only a couple days left hang in there, youll be eatin good all the time.talk soon. love ya

Anonymous said...

great talking to you buddy keep up the good work the smi told me you guy had a blast and he brought you your fav vegan club from stonesoup glad to hear you are so well biggels much love from coloricky your old friend Corey WWWWWWWWWaxy

purplejenn said...

So John, Ready to ask your doctors on Friday... ~Whats up doc, can we rock???~
Hells yes we can!
Only 2 more days til then!
Yippy Skippy!
One Love, Jenn

August and Kristy Agosti said...

Bigs - so good to see you this past sunday. You are a bright shining star my brotha. Keep up the hard work and don't forget we all send the positive love that flows through you daily.
You are in our thoughts and prayers
Augie and Kristy Agosti

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say big-ups! Hope all is well bredg. Tdak, Smi and I had a great lunch with you yesterday. Just think, when you wake-up in the morning you will only have one more night until you get to sprawl out in your king size.

John said...

Good to see you tonight, John! And Trot liked sneaking in - no collar and all!

You're doing amazing. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

so great to talk with you fRIDAY NIGHT! I am so proud of you for keeping your spiritstrong all this time. Now I am the mom in ICU waiting for good news. Just got the ok 4 Julz to move to a regular room today. Call when you can.

love rachel