Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ridin' High John see's who see's me...

Bigy John here with no one to talk to except eight friends last nite for dinner. Waiting for all who want to thank you for stopping by hopefully Aaron Sasha and Ezra, Scott and Melissa, Brad Greta and son Brody thanks again for dinner last night. Anything I can do for you all is all I can do... Out of here in 10 days so if you read this stop by the shop Ridin' High and talk to Will Deming about Saturday's meeting for longboarding at the end of VT September. Talk to Kody at shop about same day sk8ing contest at the sk8park. Any one else like Carmin and John see you at Jared's and Alex wedding, and oh thanks for all the food. Salad for big John with all you had two give was great so keep it going for me. Can't wait for whatever vegetables this vegetarian can eat cause let me tell you all how bad being vegey can be at Nanny Allen refab, can't wait to get out can be for me! Any who knows me will no more if you come at 5 pm and have to eat the food. Thanks Dr K for letting me out early so when you know me better stop on by RDN HGH! Now comes waiting for next helper so if you can give me CALL 802 847 9502 or my phone 802 355 BIGS if no answer its cause my Dad has to take phone. Talk to every one real soon,



Brad said...

It was great to see you last night, thanks for dinner. I'm pumped for you glad to see you're still rollin' John VH style.
Thanks for dinner, by the way.
Sorry to have missed you today, had to work late, but will try to roll in again soon.
If you have the time, I'll leave you with our photo album website again, it has lots of pictures of us all at the bachelor party and the wedding.
Love You John.

Anonymous said...

John, it's incredible to see how far you've come. Please email me a photo of you standing in front of the shop...or wherever you'd's for the Nov issue of Concrete Wave

send to