Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Biggie J here to help the rest!

Dr Knakal took my tube out of my stomack 10 am this morning so if you know me don't miss calling me at 802 355 BIGS or my room 802-847 9502. Just got a message from my friend in Colorado Leslie Angus with her son Addison and her guy RY so if I give her a call don't mind me. Aaron Fastman may be having dinner over here with his wife Sasha and son Ezra. So if any else can give me a visit over here from 3:30 to 9pm Give Big John a call. Anything else free stop on by Nanny Allen Rehabu plpace across from St Mikes college in Winooski. Hope that Ridin' High has a race Sept 29 longboarding from 15 miles so see Will at Rdn Hgh to get more information. That day also be a message at waterfront for skating in Burlington Skatepark. Also my friend Jared and Alex wedding up in Stowe so hopefully I get out of here soon.
See you all soon.
Big John

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Anonymous said...

As always biggie, great to chat with you today, two more weeks until you get out of there, so awesome! Addison turns 2 tomorrow, he will be expecting a bday call from his uncle john! talk to you soon kayydddd. love, leslie