Tuesday, September 11, 2007


In afternoon PT John took a jaunt from the gym around the nursing station/elevator rectangle and back with only an aide with hand on his belt. He hen rested a bit went down the elevator and walked around the building with the walker with only 3 rests. It was a lot more than PTer, the Bon, planned. John is focused and determnned in the strenght, stretching and balance exercises. In a balance test he got 50 out of 56 points losing most for being unable to stand on one foot. But, hey, it was less than 3 weeks back when he first stood challenging the strenth of 4 helpers. Today marks 3 weeks in Fanny Allan with 3 weeks to go. He knows his therapy schedule for the day when I arrive and the days are enjoyable and pass fast.


Anonymous said...

Go John! What incredible improvement, especially the balance test...most people can't balance on one foot anyway! :)

peace and love from Worcester,

Biggs Mama said...

Good Morning John Boy,
Walking without the Walker! Wow! In some ways the summer '07 is surreal... and what's happening now amazing! Son, I know you've set a goal for discharge of 9/18. What seems to be passing fast for your friends and family just doesn't seem fast enough for you. I understand. But as we were advised time and time again "this is a marathon, not a sprint" so please be patient and trust that each day you invest at Fanny Allen is a day well invested. Soon enough you will be out on your own again.
Talk to you later and see you tomorrow.
Love and hugs,
Yo Mama

John said...

You rule! My John's back from Utah today and we'll come visit you soon. It sounds like you're doing awesome.

Looking forward to seeing you...

Anonymous said...

Nowadays every single blog brings tears of joy to my eyes, what an accomplishment biggie! And now your force of family and friends is only stronger, which has got to be a great feeling. ryan was so psyched to talk with you this weekend, but not as psyched as I am so see you in october! hugs n kisses from colorado, leslie,ryan and addison

Anonymous said...

Love you 2 Shawna so keep me writin' . John

Anonymous said...

Biggels so full of joy to keep reading this site and seeing you doing better and better every day wow give thanks my friend we are all so happy to see you continually progressing daily much love and raspect Waxy and Crew