Sunday, September 2, 2007

Big John Speaks by Big John

I'm in my first day of being online, lets do this. I'm here, I'm alive. I got one month in rehab until October 2nd and I'll see you all then. Looking for a place to call home.

Thank you for your prayers, and the shop has been doing well. Will Deming, Kaitlyn, Meredith, Rachel and Julian and all the others... Thank you. And to all who contributed to the Benefit and the fund... thank you.

Leave me a card here, or call my room 802-847-9502 and I'll get back to you.

Love you,
Peace and Skate


Anonymous said...

Biggles - you tricky bastard. One more line of communication fully functional - you do realize you've become a beacon of hope in a land of confusion right? See ya soon.
Kingdog, AKA The Desert Eagle

Terry said...

Biggie J!!! You're blowing us away every day hang in
there Bigness.

Anonymous said...

The legend of biggy j continues...our prayers have been answered...biggies back! We love you! mike & cara

Anonymous said...

Wow! So wonderful to know that you are on-line.

Love from Aunt Sylvia & Uncle Paul

purplejenn said...

Yay John! Thanks for the words; gives this blog so much light to hear your voice here after so long! Keep going strong! Can't wait to see you!
Much love and peace from Jenn, Geof & Cap'n

Seth said...


It is so good to know you are doing well, been pulling for you and following your recovery. Very inspirational, can't wait to hang and catch up. Keep your head high, keep working hard, we all are behind you.

ciao ciao Seth Beck

Anonymous said...

Crash you will never cease to amaze me! Love you little big brother!


Carrie said...

Waxy And Weezy Say
Biggels So glad to see your back on line cant wait to see you in November when i am in Vt. Keep up all the hard work much love every time Waxy. You are a true Warrior and Fighter and I admire you for dat.

Bless up Biggy! All your pearls have been missin' you especially me! We think of you everyday, you're in our every meditation. Just sent you a package, let me know when you get it! Love you Biggy, miss you everyday here in Colorado, but will see you soon. Love, elizabeth

molly said...

Biggie, i'm so happy to hear that your online now!! I can't wait till your out & we can paarty for your birthday bash @ HG. Love & miss you so much!!