Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big John Here for all of you At Higher Ground Oct 17

John here leeting every one know that I'm free from here Sept 29 th for Jared and Alex wedding up in Stowe... So if you can get their early 6:30 I'll be there and off thewalker only using with cane to help me. If you can get tickets to my birthday at Higher Ground gettim' for you and your friends cause I really want the big ground for us. Last time I saled 430 tix for the big room and won $6500.00 for helping me out! Thank all for all your support any me loves all my friends. For all who don't know I saw my friend Dan and then Sheehan who had his birthday yesterday. Then Will Deming came with three girls Liz Corbett, Amanda Broutham, and Kristin Walsh, so if you can come to Farrell Allen Refabu to visit... See ya'll real soon!

John Van Hazinga

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Anonymous said...

Wow Bigs seems like every day you are literally steppin it up no walker and a cane now unreal guy keep up the good work much love Corey Waxy