Tuesday, September 4, 2007

john can I call you by big john

trying to get out of here early. saw my doctor, says I am good. maybe in two weeks. see you soon, love you. john


Anonymous said...

Just arrived back in Worcester from NH to check my email and was sooo happy to see you post on the blog!! That truly put the biggest smile on my face, can't wait to be back in Vermont again to visit:) LOVE, Shawna

Trish said...

Hi John. Hope you are feeling better. Your accident happened on the weekend I was coming up to visit so we never got Single Pebble...I settled for Parima. I've been reading the blog and I am amazed at your progress. Sounds like each day is better than the one before so stay strong. I'll be up in October so we'll do dinner then. lots o love, Trish

Anonymous said...

John, you don't actually know me, but I'm Olivia's nephew, I see your dad a lot. I'm glad to see you're getting better, keep up the great work!

St. John

Biggs Mama said...

Biggie J,
Love reading your writings. I miss you already, just left today. I was amazed that you could walk all the way from the patio to the grotto! Wow! Awesome. Keep up the good work. I'll be chatting with you in the morning. Love ya baby,
Your Mama

Anonymous said...

biggie, it has was so awesome to talk with you on the phone, i am already so excited for what is sure to be the best bday party ever! i am coming from colorado and carolyn is going to fly in from tennessee, so get ready buddy! any in the meanwhile, keep on keeping on, i hope you can feel all the love and support coming your way! love, leslie

Anonymous said...


The boys and I are getting ready for school tomorrow. We will all be learning again. I hope you keep working hard so you get the OK from Dr Knackle to go home! I will try to come visit again before you leave the rehab hospital.

Love Rachel