Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Milestones & Biggie's Home Team

Tuesday was a big day for Biggie J. After 6 weeks of patience his feeding tube was finally removed from his stomach. He said "if I knew how easy it was, I'd have removed it long ago". It also was the 1st day in 68 there wasn't a parent in residence with him. And based on his hard work and amazing recovery, together with the glowing reports from his doctor and therapists, his discharge date was adjusted back to September 29th from 10/2 to honor him and his request to attend Jared and Alex's wedding. Of course 9/29 is not soon enough for you Biggie, but just 10 more days to go my boy.

We're working with his rehab team to put together his discharge plan and support network. If you can offer some time and/or support to be part of Biggie's Home Team, please forward your name, phone number and email addy to me at There may be a meeting of Biggie's Home Team at Fanny Allen Rehab on Friday afternoon, 9/28, so please also let me know if you could be available. The family and staff want to make the discharge and transition to home care as positive and smooth as possible for all.

I'm home in NJ til 9/28, so Pops will be back in B-ton this afternoon gearing up for the great release... keep up the hard work son, you've almost made it out of the woods.

Love you baby,
Yo Mama


John said...

Congrats John! See you at the wedding! You'll be as handsome as ever.


Erin said...

It was wonderful talking to you yesterday John, it really made my day to hear how well you're doing! 10 more days, that's great. You have a lot to be proud of! : )