Sunday, September 9, 2007

John at rehab 4 help...

John Bigs,
Matt Porter should be coming over today for New Patriot Silas game, Hopefully he will be next to Adam next to the shop, but don't worry will let you know. Waiting for my Dad to come back in and a lot of friends to stop by, it is a Sunday and no hasetts timing me down. Hopefully i'm here to help serve the Sunday welcome and open the nose. Try me by 802 847 9502 or my cell phone holded by dad untill I get less by Nanny Allen Rehab across from St Mikes on 15. Love all the kids over.


Terry said...

Chillin in the cafeteria with Biggie eatin pie from the noon mark diner. We all need to give shoutouts on this thing, he's checking it a lot!!! One Love


Biggs Mama said...

Hey Biggie Boy,
Nice chatting with you today and glad to hear so many of your friends came by for a visit with you. Good day for resting and just kicking back. Tomorrow you get back to working on your recovery. You're doing a great job Son, keep up the awesome effort so we can take that trip to the Ads.
Love ya baby,
Yo Mama

the one said...

Hey John!

I posted photos from Brad's Bachelor party. Here is the web address:

Check it out.

There are also photos of Brody, my new son. He was born on August 23, 2007.

Much love from Montgomery Center,

Greta and Brad

Anonymous said...

had a blast chillin today bro, glad to see your on the rise. lets do this, homie keep doing what your doin SEEN, love ya chris

Animal Chin said...

The underground skate world is missinng more than the I , we need your presence to regain control. Keep up.
love, Won Ton Animal Chin

Terry said...

Had a great day with you Chris and the boys from the Daks. Nice to see Andrew not walking out of the woods at the Yurt with a Machete. Let's not forget a little thing call Strawberry/Rhubarb/crumb. Glad to see how much you can check this.


Rebecca said...

Hi Bro. Love the posts! Also thought you'd be interested to know that since this blog went up, there have been 5618 visits to the site! You've got about 100 people a day coming to see how you are doing, and back when your condition was more critical, there were almost 400 visits a day. You are clearly loved by many! Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Its great reading your blog messages and seeing that you are getting back to your old self. Your will to recover is an inspiration to everyone. I hope you keep getting better and are out of rehab soon. I am back in the area more often now and I will try to stop by sometime. Keep workin hard -Timmy Tim and the Tim Tims

Anonymous said...

as always sending so much love from colorado, so good to talk every day to you on the phone, biggie! carolyn and i are checking flights every day, and will buy ones this week to come for your bday, yeahhh! lots of love- leslie, addison, ryan, lisa and carolyn

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

It is great to see your posts! I wish I could be in vermont right now :( I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and improving everyday! I had my first day of classes today....wore my ridin' high tee shirt and received many compliments...representin' in Worcester!! Peace and love, Shawna