Sunday, September 30, 2007



I relate this tale to amplify an aspect John's personality other than ER visits (one afternoon in Fanny Allen we examined and discussed his scars and determined there had been at least 10) and such affronts to soceity as smoking a joint on the steps of Madison Square Garden for which he had to pick up trash along 8th ave for 40 hours as service to community.

Once upon a time (in or about 2000 AD) John inadvertently snowboarded out of bounds at a Colorado ski resort during a whiteout as it turned out did others. When the sky cleared John found himself lost from the trail system but could sense where the ski town was and headed downhill toward a river valley which he deduced would lead to the town. As dusk approached he met a damsel from Texas in similar predicament but more panicked than he. They traveled together until stopped by dark. John ripped off spruce branches for a shelter and burned his dollar bills trying to start a fire to no avail. But as they snuggled together for the night they heard a snowmobile approaching and waved and yelled it down. It was the ski patrol searching for another group of lost skiers who had called in with a cell phone but in the dark terrain were having trouble locating them but eventually did.

Meanwhile down in the valley John's friend Allison having searched all the bars and restaurants at the recommendation of the ski patrol was distraught at the patrol's cavalier attitude but delighted when he did return with them. About a month later they related the story to me at my New Hampshire home which explained a mysterious message on my phone by a woman in Texas thanking me for my son having saved her daughter's life.


Beyond Rehab - Big John 2 by biggs mama

What an incredible feeling for Van and me to walk with arms linked through Big John's as we blew through the double doors of Fanny Allen Rehab into the fresh air, fulfilling the vision held for 79 days, finally realized on 9/28/07.

It's very difficult to express the depth of gratitude Big John's family feels for all of you who generously gave your love, support, experience and healing energy to Big John's recovery. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yesterday we drove the 108 from Smugs to Stowe, then on to Jared and Alex's magnificent wedding. Today we continue the reconnections. You've known me to be verbose in my writings, but today I'm just overwhelmend to be here at 32 Russell Street with my son.

Y'all Come!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Out of Fanny Allen TODAY !!!!!

Hope my mom gets here soon so I can get out out of this crazy place. Meeting with Dr Knakal at 2pm so if you get my message come to my house on 32 Russell St for some dinner. Longboarding should be strong tomorrow with Will Deming manager of Ridin' High and my hope help event. Kody skateboarding tomorrow at Burlington's Skatepark at what time I'm not sure but the longboarding starts at 12pm so be at the park before Burton. What a great pool they have at the B center and a nice mini ramp next to that. Makes the vert ramp that use to be there miss its life and look to come back as a pool. Sitting at the computer till 8:30 so hope to see you all soon.



As predicted by Dr. Link on day 2 or 3 John has a problem with word recall. with all time time Ihave spent with him I have developed a sense of his missing or misused words and can usually understand. However on the skinny pancake/shop trek I noticed many bewildered/puzzled looks at what he said. Rather than give him the words the speech therapists have reccmended I coax them out of him and if not then give them to him and reccomend his friends use the same approach and tell him when he is not understandable rather than let it go by.

Yesterday John was tired from his many visitors the night before and slept through PT and left Speech early. The staff has been stressing he will likly try to do too much and experience fatigue. Be kind and do not push him to overdo. He needs the scheduled out patient therapy. In my opinion encouraging late nighs and overactivity is like giving some one with emphasima a pack of cigarettes. Speaking of which John has found out his lungs are about 40% gone from you know what.

But the above will not diminish his mothers and my joy when we walk out with him this late afternoon. We again thank you all and look forward to your viists to 32 Russell. pops

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rider Down Deja Vu by biggs mama

Many of you know, or know of Julian, Biggie's nephew, Rachel's 14 yr old son, my grandson. Last evening, 9/25 Julian took a hard landing off his longboard suffering internal injuries. His Mom rushed him to Jersey Shore Trauma center where he was admitted to the pediatric ICU for observation due to trauma and bleeding in his spleen. While not life threatening, if the bleed doesn't stop by itself, he may need surgery. We'll know more in the coming 24 hours. Please wrap your prayers and healing energy around young Julian that he may make a speedy and smooth recovery without complications.

For me it was deja vu as I informed my housemates that I had to make another late night journey to the ICU at the Trauma Center, only this time it was I who drove to Rachel's side as she had done to mine July 12th. And too, "not life threatening" made this journey less frightening than that one. "What can I do to help" asked Julian's Uncle Madhu and Aunt Rebecca? "Call Latha to find out what we're dealing with" I replied. They did, and shortly later came back to me that first of all we can live without a spleen, however as an important center for immune function, spleen damage can make a body more susceptible to bacteria. Ok, we can deal with that. My Cherokee brother David returned my call informing me that if Julian's spleen should need to be removed in the event it doesn't stop bleeding, only the damaged part of the spleen would be removed, and that over time the remaining part would grow, and would still function. Ok, we can live with that.

Arriving at the trauma center in Neptune, NJ at 10:10 PM I was greeted at an entrance by a security guard who very quickly reminded me "you're not in Kansas any more, Dorothy". 1st prize one week in Neptune, second prize two weeks. After a quick mental adjustment I found my way to the emergency entrance, past the security desk to wander down guerney lined halls filled with a diversity of people requiring assistance, until finally locating the proper elevators ascended to the PICU. There I found Julian, hooked to an IV and monitors as his doctor made adjustments and a worried Mama perched uncomfortably in a convertible chair/bed. "Julian was in some pain, perhaps at that moment more from realizing his weekend trip to Georgia for a Bulldogs football game with his Grandpa Steve was cancelled now, or from realizing that he'd have to spend the remainder of 2007 in quiet repose.

This morning Rachel reported that his blood count didn't change during the night, which is a good sign that the bleeding is abating itself. He'll be monitored for two more days, and then, hopefully he'll be discharged.

Please y'all... no more ICU training for this ole gal, I've had quite enough thank you. I'll be back up to VT on Friday for a discharge meeting and then to walk arm in arm with my son out the door of Fanny Allen! Wow, what a concept! Awesome. With great gratitude to all who've supported us, my Love.
biggs mama

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks to all who let me know !!!!!

Big John here hoping I get out Fanney Allen Hospital and get to go to Jared and Alex wedding on Saturday. Hope everyone who reads this know I really love the comments. Thank you for working at the ICU when I didin't have a lot of room, thank you Emily! Hope all can make it to Will Deming contest on Saturday for 15 miles of longboarding, Started down by Burton park and on the bikelane 7.5 miles then the same back. So stop by Ridin' High and let people there tell you about the event. Skateboarding is not dead either with a Skating Contest going on at the usual Burlington Sk8park by Ridin' High Dakoda. Well thanks to all my friends and all the great meals that comes to horribal Food served here.


Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Friday morn John and I cornered Dr Knakel next to the nurses station and he agreed to release John after all therapies on this Friday. (By my calculations it will be 11 weeks one day since my 11 PM call from social worker Tim at Fletcher Allan.) On saturday PT started John walking up and down the banks around the building and getting up from falls. I am sure PT and OT have a strenous week planned and anticipate he will walk out withut cane or brace. At least twice a day of late John and have gone to the healing garden where he has even stopped bitching about everything but the food and is very interested in what happened and who visited during the weeks he did not wake.

Check at the last minute but on Tues at 4 Aaron and his got junk crew plan to move more of J's worldly possessions from the warehouse to 32 Russell street, We can use help on both ends. We will perhaps have a small gathering at 32 russell fri eve. I remind you it will be a clean house. I keep telling John my little league coach repeatedly told us "no drinking, no smoking , no late nights." John says banning late nights is out of the question but has added no eatng of dead animals or consuming caffeine. However the caffeine consuming family members have screamed in protest but promised the consumption of their vice will be done with discretion.

Again can use help Tues at 4 but Aaron has yet to confirm exact time so please check. AND again thanks for all your support, love, meals, prayer throughout the ordeal. pops

Friday, September 21, 2007

I want Comments!!!!!

Big John here at Fanny Allen Rehab wishing more people let me know their with me! My birthday coming up real fast less than three weeks to get tickets, I want the big room not the liitle one. So let the band who has the BIG room they be the smallest! Leave me a message as well cause I don't know what my email is? So if you know my email let me know,


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big John Here for all of you At Higher Ground Oct 17

John here leeting every one know that I'm free from here Sept 29 th for Jared and Alex wedding up in Stowe... So if you can get their early 6:30 I'll be there and off thewalker only using with cane to help me. If you can get tickets to my birthday at Higher Ground gettim' for you and your friends cause I really want the big ground for us. Last time I saled 430 tix for the big room and won $6500.00 for helping me out! Thank all for all your support any me loves all my friends. For all who don't know I saw my friend Dan and then Sheehan who had his birthday yesterday. Then Will Deming came with three girls Liz Corbett, Amanda Broutham, and Kristin Walsh, so if you can come to Farrell Allen Refabu to visit... See ya'll real soon!

John Van Hazinga

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ridin' High John see's who see's me...

Bigy John here with no one to talk to except eight friends last nite for dinner. Waiting for all who want to thank you for stopping by hopefully Aaron Sasha and Ezra, Scott and Melissa, Brad Greta and son Brody thanks again for dinner last night. Anything I can do for you all is all I can do... Out of here in 10 days so if you read this stop by the shop Ridin' High and talk to Will Deming about Saturday's meeting for longboarding at the end of VT September. Talk to Kody at shop about same day sk8ing contest at the sk8park. Any one else like Carmin and John see you at Jared's and Alex wedding, and oh thanks for all the food. Salad for big John with all you had two give was great so keep it going for me. Can't wait for whatever vegetables this vegetarian can eat cause let me tell you all how bad being vegey can be at Nanny Allen refab, can't wait to get out can be for me! Any who knows me will no more if you come at 5 pm and have to eat the food. Thanks Dr K for letting me out early so when you know me better stop on by RDN HGH! Now comes waiting for next helper so if you can give me CALL 802 847 9502 or my phone 802 355 BIGS if no answer its cause my Dad has to take phone. Talk to every one real soon,


More Milestones & Biggie's Home Team

Tuesday was a big day for Biggie J. After 6 weeks of patience his feeding tube was finally removed from his stomach. He said "if I knew how easy it was, I'd have removed it long ago". It also was the 1st day in 68 there wasn't a parent in residence with him. And based on his hard work and amazing recovery, together with the glowing reports from his doctor and therapists, his discharge date was adjusted back to September 29th from 10/2 to honor him and his request to attend Jared and Alex's wedding. Of course 9/29 is not soon enough for you Biggie, but just 10 more days to go my boy.

We're working with his rehab team to put together his discharge plan and support network. If you can offer some time and/or support to be part of Biggie's Home Team, please forward your name, phone number and email addy to me at There may be a meeting of Biggie's Home Team at Fanny Allen Rehab on Friday afternoon, 9/28, so please also let me know if you could be available. The family and staff want to make the discharge and transition to home care as positive and smooth as possible for all.

I'm home in NJ til 9/28, so Pops will be back in B-ton this afternoon gearing up for the great release... keep up the hard work son, you've almost made it out of the woods.

Love you baby,
Yo Mama

Yo Little Belly by pops

Yo Little Belly,

Heading back this morn after 7 sleeps at hall cottage (the most since
your accident) with a cooler and boxes full of tomatoes, cukes, pears,
red cabbage and other treats too numerous to mention.

This poem floated by one on a trek back while you were in coma when I
passed the spot just below the Halfway House on 22A.


In Shoreham Vermont
I saw a state trooper
reach over a fence
and scratch a cow's ears.

vn 8/7/07

Another brewed yesterday


Remember when, Sheila
you emailed me from Phoenix that
rather than coming for dinner
you were awaiting Kristin's spinal surgery
and she might not walk again??
Her life now good with limitations.
Rather Fierce Grace for one so young.
My son's Grace seems more deserved
but "What the Bleep do I know."
My son is walking and talking
with wide eyed exuberance for life.
We plan some work on my place come November.
You'll be back from Holland, MS in hand.

van 9/18/07

love pops

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Biggie J here to help the rest!

Dr Knakal took my tube out of my stomack 10 am this morning so if you know me don't miss calling me at 802 355 BIGS or my room 802-847 9502. Just got a message from my friend in Colorado Leslie Angus with her son Addison and her guy RY so if I give her a call don't mind me. Aaron Fastman may be having dinner over here with his wife Sasha and son Ezra. So if any else can give me a visit over here from 3:30 to 9pm Give Big John a call. Anything else free stop on by Nanny Allen Rehabu plpace across from St Mikes college in Winooski. Hope that Ridin' High has a race Sept 29 longboarding from 15 miles so see Will at Rdn Hgh to get more information. That day also be a message at waterfront for skating in Burlington Skatepark. Also my friend Jared and Alex wedding up in Stowe so hopefully I get out of here soon.
See you all soon.
Big John

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Mother's View by biggs mama

4 weeks ago today I accompanied John from Fletcher Allen hospital to Fanny Allen Rehab, a hard fought for victory. On arrival he was awake to a small degree, but had little speech, no balance, no muscle tone. He was hoisted from bed to wheelchair and belted to hold him upright. 10 days later he scratched his first letters into his memory book, and memories began to form. He could shakily transfer from bed to wheelchair and was moved out of the room with the hoist. From then to now he has made progress at a breathtaking pace in true Big John style. He doesn't remember those first 10 days at Fanny Allen. His brain continues to wake more each day reflected in his speech, his stamina, his mobility and his attitude. I've had the uncanny opportunity to watch my son grow from newborn to teenager a second time, but at superspeed.

Big John always colored ouside the lines, challenging the "Laws of Nature" as he blazed his own path. These next two weeks will be the most excruciating difficult for him as he continues to wake up and clamours for freedom from the constraints of hospital rules and restrictions. Now more than ever he needs his friends to help. From 4-9 pm he needs visitors. During the day, texts and phone messages. And to soothe his worries about financing the next 6 months, donations to the JCV fund.

"You know how I go, Mama. Part of me can do this, but part of me can't. There's John who can skate. And John who can't." Being an impulsive determined being, John has moments when he really understands the work ahead to regain his full autonomy and life. He understands the things he can do to help his body and brain heal. Other times not. It is fascinating to watch this process and yet heartwrenching at the same time. I trust and envision him fully back to himself, with feelings somewhat reminiscent of watching him learn to ride his 2 wheeler at 4 yrs old. So hard to stand on the sidelines and see him crash time and time again until finally, shakily, but with a huge grin he pedaled down the street. "YeeHaw John (he learned in Texas) Watch out for cars!" There are just as many dangers facing him as he shakily progresses this time. He pleads to be released from the hospital. No one wants to stay in a hospital one minute longer than necessary. No one wants him to stay longer than what truly yields the greatest rewards. But he's only been awake 18 days...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Triumphant return!

John Here for all the little Ladies...

Big John here,
Annie Harrison and Teri Reisinger were the next visits after Lauren Shade Yesterday. My buddy Terry came as well aka Tdak let well... He Really didn't leave until Liz Corbett and Will Deming came, but Chris M from the Burn Gallery got there for B town killing the Yankees! But Annie was happy says my free breakfast, thanks Penny Cluse I'll let you all know it was for me... You all know how I live and Quimby will be stopping by with his friend. Jesse Lee might be stopping as well but we'll see how NY was for kids. Talk to you all see Ridin' High as the place to be!


Saturday, September 15, 2007

I MEAN TO TELL YOU (Texas phrase) by pops

Yo Little Belly,

I mean to tell you about a conversation I had with top neurosurgeon Nancy Bintner right outside your ICU room a week after your accident. I was meeting her for the first time (your mother previously had met) and she said they sometimes need a week of observation to evaluate a patient and they had and your brain was hamburger and they would change to a long term sedative (paralyzer some called it) and to expect a long stay in ICU.

"What!!" said I, "Dr Link said from the catscans the damage was not too bad and there was a good likelihood of nearly full recovery."

"By not too bad, " Nancy answered "he means we have not had to cut his skull open."

"So" said I, "he will never get out of here relatively intact."

"Oh he might" she replied, "we just don't know."

I said "I would like to see him get out of here relatively intact but have modicum of fear when he gets near a snow or skateboard."

"Oh he won't" Nancy said "he is hardwired into it."

Good grief I have thought since then what is the point of our sojourn on earth if we can't change through experience. I also drift as I have over the decades to Krishna at the end of the Bhagavad Gita* telling Arjuna that

"you yourself have created the power that binds you and are helpless in its power And you will do the very thing which your ignorance seeks to avoid. The Lord lives in the heart of every creature and turns them round and round upon the wheel of his maya. Take refuge utterly in him. By his grace you will find supreme peace and the state which is beyond all change."

Those thoughts have solaced and guided many out of prehistory, mean anything to you?? You remember way back on long trecks in my 57 Chevy we would sing:

"Oh Lord you are the treasure of my soul,
you are the dweller in my house, oh Lord,
you are to me what wings are to the flying bird."

love pops

* Prabhavananda-Isherwood translation

Friday, September 14, 2007

Glimpsing the Future by biggs mama

Back in VT after my sojourn at home in NJ to find John waking up more each day. He admits not remembering his first week at Fanny Allen, so actually only awake for two weeks now. His progress is amazing, and gives hope that in the 2 1/2 weeks left before his discharge 10/2 that he will continue to grow stronger, steadier and more alert. "You know how I go Mama" he says. I watch in amazement as he walks down and up stairs, walks around cones without the walker, walks around the building with his walker, and moves more gracefully from bed to chair without assistance.

Yesterday's adventure to Ridin High was very uplifting and exciting for Biggie! The shop was very busy with customers buying boards, Will and Sky working hard. John successfully descended the narrow stairs to the lower level and enjoyed sitting there with Sheehan, Jared and his fiance', Betsy and Amigo, Sarah and his therapists Rich and Bonnie. While it was a short visit, he glowed being back in his own element. Afterwards he walked around the shop outside, and posed happily for photos. It was awesome to see him standing next to his painting on the back wall. From there we drove by the Russell St house he'll be calling home. Dave and Dave were there working, so he enjoyed chatting with them while Bonnie and I went inside so she could see where he will be living and tailor some exercises for him to prepare for his homecoming. All in all it was a very successful outing and the emotional uplift carried him well into the evening.

Biggie is trying to work out a few hours at the skate event down by the lake this Saturday. I'm sure he'll post about the details once we can firm things up, so watch for his next blog entry.

John's progress is a testament to John's spirit and to the outstanding therapy he's receiving. There without distractions he can fully focus on his recovery. He is working very hard and gives his wholehearted attention to each task. When looking at him it is not as apparent how damaging this event has been to him, and how much work he still has to do to regain his life. Those of us who have lived through this life changing event with him remember each and every day. John doesn't. He also doesn't realize how delicate his brain is, and how he has to alter his lifestyle to prevent future damage. Brain damage is cumulative, and further injury will exponentially effect his recovery and his future. John is being counseled in this area, and has been told that he will have to abstain from drinking, smoking, skating and snowboarding for one year. He also won't be allowed to drive for the foreseeable future. I say all this to you because we need each of you to support John by not encouraging him in ways that will derail his progress or disconnect his brain from recovering. Russell Street will be a "clean house" and we ask your cooperation and your support. If you have any questions or want to know how you can help John once he comes home, please ask Van or me.

He so enjoys your responses to his posts, and your visits and the great foods you've been bringing him. Thank you and please continue to come by.

Up with Early for BrEakfast?

Big John here for breakfast here at 7:15 to wake up for an early shuttle with Jon at 8 am instead on 8:30... Yesterday was really good going to Ridin' High for 45 min before heading home so if close please stop on Russell St off N Willard and North St a little past North St. Here at Nally Allen Rehab near St Mikes if you gotsome time to stop by... So any do I'm trying to get down to contest weather it be Sat on Sunday, Peace.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Update from Big John

Time change Will be at the shop from 2:15 to 3:15 so if there are Any needs stop by then for help from John.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John at High

Bigs J here so let me know where you are? Fanny Allen Rehab so write me a message and if you can I'll be trying to go down to Ridin' High tomorow afternoon so if you can stop on by to see me by 5 let me know... Hopefully the weather will work so if Ridin' happens with Rich stop on by or give me a call 802 847 9502 or my cell, peace.

John bigs

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

John with Fanny Allen Rehab for goods

Big John here,
Here at East tower trying to game my cycles... If you can come visit John at Fanny or have my way little kids. Had over six come show me their way yesterday so if you got today I only have Sheehan and Jam so come catch with bio... I hope to be holding a movie with Travis on Saturday down at the Ridin' High keep on the movie way if not RH way it will be the Burlington Sk8way. Hope to see you all down there so if you can try me at 802 847 9502 hope to be taking thursday off at the shop for a little way to be, see ya'll soon.



In afternoon PT John took a jaunt from the gym around the nursing station/elevator rectangle and back with only an aide with hand on his belt. He hen rested a bit went down the elevator and walked around the building with the walker with only 3 rests. It was a lot more than PTer, the Bon, planned. John is focused and determnned in the strenght, stretching and balance exercises. In a balance test he got 50 out of 56 points losing most for being unable to stand on one foot. But, hey, it was less than 3 weeks back when he first stood challenging the strenth of 4 helpers. Today marks 3 weeks in Fanny Allan with 3 weeks to go. He knows his therapy schedule for the day when I arrive and the days are enjoyable and pass fast.

Monday, September 10, 2007

John at rdn hgh

John is here from ridin' high to tell you all that future is almost here. Second day for me getting my own praces out so if you can welcome to me either thru 802 847 9502 or my cell phone which my dad carries ... So get in touch with I at Fanny Allen Rehab or touch my time thru time. Publishn post and get in time with I ...


Sunday, September 9, 2007

John at rehab 4 help...

John Bigs,
Matt Porter should be coming over today for New Patriot Silas game, Hopefully he will be next to Adam next to the shop, but don't worry will let you know. Waiting for my Dad to come back in and a lot of friends to stop by, it is a Sunday and no hasetts timing me down. Hopefully i'm here to help serve the Sunday welcome and open the nose. Try me by 802 847 9502 or my cell phone holded by dad untill I get less by Nanny Allen Rehab across from St Mikes on 15. Love all the kids over.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Big John's Rise Up 30th Birthday Celebration 10/17

Wednesday October 17th at HigherGround

Big John's Rise Up 30th Birthday Celebration

Featuring Turkey Bouillon Mafia and friends performing the music of the Grateful Dead, intermixed with sets by Lion Pride Soundsystem!!!!!

More details later. Spread the word!!!

John at rdn hgh

John bigs,
Just a little guy coming in to ambulance the way... Sheehan little good in moving with my dad and Aaron from the ware house to the house, little to say about Betsy and Jen... Another mind way for me to trash out of Fanny Allen Rehab and the other house people this place happens. Dad has a lot to say about OM so let your wind clear and let me know what you think.

Love big John...


Last eve I had the great pleasure of going to Dobra Tea with John as a recreational therapy outing. The staff required it be to a quiet familiar place without too much sitimualtion. While there john told Amanda, the proprieteress and RTer Rich that he had been in hospitals for 8 weeks including 30 days in the turkey (ICU) with 25 chickens (wires) in his head. Many of his brain conections ae not back yet and I hear a hundred things a day callled a turkey, fish, tofu, etc. he knows what he is lookiing at and the correct word but it does not come out and he does not mind being corrected. A typical condition for those as injured as severely and will decrease with time his doctor and speech therapist assured me. Still it makes for many amusing moments as when out for a tour of the parking lot in his wheeelchair he ponted at a car ant told the PTer it was an "86 Tofurkey" By the way John did peak in the ICU with14 tubes and 24 into wires into him along with a bolt through his skull and it was touch and go for 3 weeks. His rebound is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks for your love, prayers, support. pops

and tons of thanks to aaron and his got junk crew, betsy, jen, sheenan, and a gentleman whose nome I can't recall for help with moving furniture from the warehouse to russell street.

Friday, September 7, 2007

john by john

Que know me so stop by Fanne Annel Rehab near for St Mikes on 15 notch so stop by and see your bro. Let me know your all better and please stop by my attend. Thanks to all teams who helped me to Eric house look forward to seeing ya'll. Moving back to town in October soo see yall then.
John Bigs

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Volunteers Needed

sheehan said...
Looking for Volunteers!!! Thursday 9/6 @4:00pm

Big John's is leaving the rehab center on Oct 2. In an effort to help set him up at his new home, we are going to be moving Biggie's posessions from his warehouse on the corner of North Ave and Berry Street to the house on Russell Street.

Aaron Fastman is donating the use of his large box truck, and is coordinating the effort for Thursday 9/6 @4:00pm. Thank You Aaron.

Aaron's phone number is 802.236.9485

Sheehan's phone number is 802.734.2391

The more friends of John who come out the quicker the job will be. Even if you can just stop by for a little while to help load or unload, the help will be appreciated.

Please forward this message and spread the word to anyone who might be able to help. Thank You.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

john by big john

lets do a litle less dying and a little more living. my niext bind is going to be with more and 3 nephews. that is how we go. julian was here . he is 14 and helped me extra. john who is hoping to come here also looks to learn typing. so keep your typing ready and send me some stuff. slim john

CRASH NO. 15 by pops

Crash's crash number 15 ( plus or minus a few) occurred in the sand pit off Gleason Falls Road in Hillsboro Upper Village NH. I recall it as late Thanksgiving weekend 2000. My Big Sister, her husband sort of Robbie Bobbie, John and I were gathered in the morn at my sisters 1780 Cape with John's friend Allison sleeping in the upstairs bdroom over the kitchen. Noting sparce provisions we send John to our village store for OJ, bacon, and milk a mile distant in Allisons less than a week old Durango. After 15 minutes he had not returned and we puzzled. After 30 we pondered what could have possibly happened. At about minute 45 he came walking up the drive and I met him and was gruffly ordered to drive hime up to my abode (mile and a half away) to get his vehicle and tow ropes. We returned to the sandpit and hooked up both our trucks to the Durango which was precariously tipped on its side on a bank. It was not that high and it would have only fallen about 10 feet but onto a 3-4 foot rock below the passsenger windows. Our vehicles could not budge the Durango but we left them attached and walked the couple hundred yards back to my sister's. Crash noting that after an indetermainably long time in the Durango with the driver door headed into the air he realized he could be there all day so ever so slowly opened the door and climbed out.

To make a long story short, by then Allison was up and an hour of hushed conversations which stopped in her presence and phonecalls ensured and we fnally got 2 wreckers to pull the Durango out which was wedged on a boulder in the sand in in no real danger of toppling. Surprisingly no damage was done and John sped to the nearest car wash and soon appeared in sister's driveway with the SUV sparkling. In the kitchen he met Allison and said "we have to talk" and they went upstairs and soon came down smiling. i presume he explained how returing with the OJ bacon and milk a mysterious force drew him into the sandpit and sped him around a few times. but while driving out at a very reasonable speed he hit a bump which threw him aside nearly toppliing her car. Ah, yes, the mysterious forces that propel us through the universe. pops 9/5/07

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

john can I call you by big john

trying to get out of here early. saw my doctor, says I am good. maybe in two weeks. see you soon, love you. john

Monday, September 3, 2007

Biggie J for the Rest by big john

biggs mama is doing the typin, but I'm doing the talkin.

Where's Rachel, Julian and Ambrose? Keeping an eye on my Grandma's old house in Spring Lake NJ. I was born in San Diego then moved to Colorado, back to Cali, then Texas, then on to NJ. Let you know I'm from all over. From NJ moved up to Keene Valley, NY for 5th grade with Pops, then back to NJ for a few years with my Mama and sisters, then up to the Ads for 8th grade with Pops. Back to NJ to RBC until spring of junior year when I moved back to the ads with pops to finish out the school year. Then went on for senior year to Fair Haven in Orwell, VT. Then two years at UVM. Then opened out Ridin High. Got it?

Time to Ride. Strap em in.You know how it goes. Talk to you soon.
Big John

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Big John Speaks by Big John

I'm in my first day of being online, lets do this. I'm here, I'm alive. I got one month in rehab until October 2nd and I'll see you all then. Looking for a place to call home.

Thank you for your prayers, and the shop has been doing well. Will Deming, Kaitlyn, Meredith, Rachel and Julian and all the others... Thank you. And to all who contributed to the Benefit and the fund... thank you.

Leave me a card here, or call my room 802-847-9502 and I'll get back to you.

Love you,
Peace and Skate

Saturday, September 1, 2007

PINK BLUES by pops


HEY, this is about Crashie's summer of 14, after a bit of trouble and having to bolt New Jersey. I was living in the White Sled Motel Bunkhouse in Lake Placid New York cuz Kevin had torched Raccoon Lodge while trying to thaw the pipes so I picked him up at a diner in Kingston with the stipulation he could only bring what he could carry between his mother's and my vehicle. He stretched it a bit pushing another bag on a skateboard. We lived the transient life for about a month then rented "the dump house" a charming cottage on a mountain brook adjacent to the town of Keene dump and sandpit. I was doing a whole house renovation in the valley and John came in mighty handy and worked hard to pay off his debts. By summer I gave him some slack and he bycycled home by dusk unless otherwise arranged.

My old man boring life and TV less, he later confessed most nights he slipped out after hearing my snores, having found the town workers left the key to the pay loader in it he would roar around the pit at top speed enjoying himself until satiated. That is til his last night when he buried the gate with 20 scoops of gravel. (((YES, as Kerouac so aptly stated in Dr. SAX "Memory and dream are intermixed in this mad world.")))

That mean anything??

vann 8/28/07