Wednesday, September 12, 2007

John at High

Bigs J here so let me know where you are? Fanny Allen Rehab so write me a message and if you can I'll be trying to go down to Ridin' High tomorow afternoon so if you can stop on by to see me by 5 let me know... Hopefully the weather will work so if Ridin' happens with Rich stop on by or give me a call 802 847 9502 or my cell, peace.

John bigs


pam said...

Holly sh*! Jon! You sound like your doing very well. I am wondering if you have called Nash yet to compare crashes? I am so glad you have so much love and support. I'll see ya soon.
Love Pam

Biggs Mama said...

It's really so exciting to witness your progress John! It's only been a few weeks since you started waking up, and you're gaining ground each day. So amazing to see you walk down and up the steps today, and see you walk around the cones in the gym without a walker!

I hope you enjoy having your phone back. Pops will have a struggle once he returns next week. Good thing I have my own.

Hey Jesse C... are you set to come to John's Rise Up Birthday party on 10/17? We want to be sure to put your name on the roster, so let us know please. So cool... Now where do we order a cake big enough for all his friends? Help?

Love you son,
Yo Mama

pops said...

Yo little belly,
home wth my cat and chickens. Deer have been attacking my kale within 5 feet of house right under kitchen window. Where is Zoe when I need her?? Plenty of plums, asian pears, cantalopes, grapes, and late peaches if the frost holds off 2 weeks. going mushrooming in fox forest this morn. Alost 3 inches of rain here from last saturday to monday so should be many. Tell you how it goes. love pops

Anonymous said...

John here so if you have Nash's number give it to me. Witch Pam am I talking to? Love you all.

John Bigs Guy

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cyn says:
Hi Crash-a-Doodle. We're all so happy you're working so hard to get your skills back.
Van and I just visited Audrey Bethel, who's back at school in Keene NH. We looked for mushrooms, too.
I actually have work to do . . . 2 stories.
Wow, this has been a life-changing experience, not only for you . . . . Things never WILL be the same, but
just as good, even better, when you start to live your second (at least) life.
I love you,
Aunt Cynthia

Anonymous said...


Great to hear that you have been making such fantastic progress. We've all been thinking about you down in the Jerz. Much love from the entire Smiley family and we all hope to see you at the next Smilebration.