Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Doors Open

It's been a while since one of us posted, so for those who haven't heard the latest, I thought I'd give a little update. John has Ridin High open for the season and boards are flying out the door. Will and Meredith did an amazing job keeping things going last year while John was out of commission, and as John has recovered, the shop is exactly where he wants to be. He continues his rehab, working with his doctors to overcome and compensate for the areas of his brain that were injured. Fortunately, his ability to help people find the right board for them is just fine. John- wishing you a successful season!


Jeff said...

YO John, when you coming out to the Plume??


Hope to hear from you!!

Jeff Howell

Anonymous said...

Do you still read this? It has been a long time....

Ever since the first days of cutting out boards from 7-ply maple and painting them up (even though I couldn't paint!), and then moving onto having shop space (with just a notebook for inventory) and rolling out the long runs in B'town with the student shuttle from the waterfront to the top o'the hill (when the skate trail map was just an idea), to ragin' the Viza scooters until the fuzz got them banned...You've always been ridin' matter what obstacles or injuries lay in your path.

Don't ever stop.
You've always lived for your dreams.

It has been a long time healing - and I say Thank You.

kristin said...

big...its been too long. dont have your number anymore...miss your face.

a lot has changed since i left btown...and its mostly been for the best..its hard going back to life after getting sober...and keeping up with kids from back home has been tough as well...always a reminder. but you have always been the exceptional exception...and i need to be in touch with you. i hope all is so good on your side of the screen..and pray that youll somehow check this..after so so long. love you kid..and hope to hear that smiling voice of yours soon,