Monday, April 19, 2010

Just a Bit of Catching Up

Greetings and Happy Spring to all those friends of Big John of Ridin High.
Today is my birthday, and I just wanted to share my joy at hearing Biggie sing Happy Birthday to me this morning. He is doing so well that if you didn't know the hard road he's traveled since that fateful day - July 12, 2007 when he suffered a severe brain injury from a high speed fall off his skateboard at Smuggler's Notch, you probably wouldn't notice a difference today.
Ridin High is open 4 days now, soon to go to 7, so drop by, shake his hand and enjoy some friendly and knowledgeable insight into skateboarding, Burlington, and the myriad of topics Biggie's know for. You can also check him out on facebook at Ridin' High.
And my heartfelt thanks to all who followed his progress here, to all the doctors, nurses, aides, therapists, friends, family, reporters and well wishes who helped in his recovery.
Biggs Mama

PS Here's a peek at what he's planning for July 12th this year:

John Van Hazinga is: Thinking of havin a ridin day where I almost lost my life to show my love of ridin I've started out low an been skatin from NoSchool Shop up in Jeffersonville the old way. For event it will all have Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, then Expert runs. Complete seven to move up to next stage. So let us know your thoughts as we try to bring back Thrashin' Thursdays as well! Get better, get stronger an keep luvin' life....


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