Monday, July 23, 2007


((Sorry to delay the story of how Crash Me Boy earned his name, but I will give a hint: it came after he totaled his first vehicle at age 10. It is the most sensible to start at the beginning.))

John Christian Van Hazinga was born in a WWII vintage bungalow at 3742 Menlo in East San Diego on October 17, 1977. Home delivery doctors were harder to come by in SAN DIEGO than in rural southern NH where his mother and I met up and his 2 sisters were delivered by an old country doctor. Dr Brown preffered to deliver babies at home and said in his thousands of home deliveries only two required going to the hospital and they were not emergencies.

Anyway the 2 home delivery doctors in San Diego were Dr Repair and Dr Butcher. We chose Dr.Repair. Twice the afternoon before John's birth his mother had contractions and Dr Repair came by but they subsided. When they resumed in the night Dr Repair was slow to come by and I delivered me boy. There was not much to it for he came speeding out and we were joyous.
Dr Repair later refunded $150 for missing the delivery. The easiest buckos I ever made!


John said...

I love it. Little "Big John" - the only thing missing from that story are baby pictures! Ha.

Determined then, determined now...


kristin* said...

hahaha. i love it. thanks van...your story telling has preceeded you thanks to your son..and this is case and point.
would love more...hope all is well for you. sending massive positive vibes from the whole btown crew..