Sunday, July 29, 2007

Call for Volunteers by Biggs Mama

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear" was again the case for me Saturday night when I attended the 23rd Native American Gathering of Elders at Sunray Peace Camp in Lincoln, VT. From the many out stepped the ones I needed at this moment in our journey to support John's recovery. My first contact taught me a water ceremony and directed me to the second, a firekeeper who was collecting requests for special prayers, to whom I gave John's name. He then directed me across the fire to Jim Vyhnak, a traumatic brain injury survivor and past Executive Director of The Brain Injury Association of Vermont, also a firekeeper in the Green Mountain Band of the Cherokees. In three steps I had succeeded in connecting with and gathering abundant strength and resources to assist John on his path to recovery.

When Biggie wakes up, we will have a clearer view of the path he will need to travel to return to his life. He will need all of us to help reconnect him, in the least, to these lost weeks and possibly to help him relearn everything. In these days of waiting for John to wake up, we can coordinate ourselves into a strong support network. Thanks to Erik, Ana, John and Carmen we have a base from which to organize our resources at 32 Russell Street. Starting with the Brain Injury Association of VT ( and the Brain Injury Association of America we can educate ourselves about traumatic brain injury (TBI). You may have stories of loved ones and friends who have suffered and survived TBI to share. If you would like to volunteer your time, talents and energy to Biggie's support network, please add your name here in a comment. If you would like to be a volunteer coordinator, please indicate that as well. As Biggie's support crew develops, we will work out contact details, phone trees, and the many unknown requirements of his recovery.

Doctor Commichau, the attending neurologist said when asked his prognosis on John " Based on his initial responses early on we are optomistic for a positive outcome". That is as good as we can get at this point, but I'll take it with a smile and a whoppee!! If we are overprepared and the volunteer crew isn't needed... then we'll just party hearty with Biggie!

Stiyu (stay strong),
Biggie's Family


E said...

We're here for you John. I'm glad I can help in any way possible. Best wishes and prayers go out to you and the Fam.

Erik & Ana

Sara said...

I'd love to help out in whatever way I can. Thinking of you all lots and sending positive energy your way....


kristin* said...

big mama you rock!!!

i am very much so into helping any way i can....i am an LNA here on the cardiology floor...and would LOVE to be a part of this for big..and had planned on doing so regardless...i am sending massive positive vibes your way as always...and sending oneBIGGIelove to you and the fam..


Pamela Sawyer said...

I want to help in any way I can. I have never met Big Jon's family, but now I know why Jon is so awsome, creative, successful, and alive! He is so positive and great to be around. I miss him now, and I know he will be with us again soon. Take Care.
Love Pam

Anonymous said...

Leslie here in colorado wants to help in any way possible. Much love and positive vibes are sent to biggie and fam all day, every day.

Corey said...

Hi there,
I'm an LNA at the hospital too :)

Let me know what you need!


purplejenn said...

Sign me up!

Alanna Flynn said...

Sending the best vibes from Benson, VT.

The ENTIRE Flynn Family.