Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thanks and Gratitude by Biggs Mama

Thanks John for sharing the chant from the concert last night. Tears flow so easy these days... and reading how much people love my son John helps alot. I woke thinking I wanted to put up a post thanking you all for your prayers and the powerful energy you are sending to John and our family. We are deeply touched by the outpouring of love from all over the map.

We have a long road ahead... just how long is anyone's guess, and Biggie is not talking yet. We need to reach out to one another, hold tight and be strong and courageous. Biggie is fighting the fight of his life, for his life.

I've sat with my boy for hours on end, stood holding his hand and singing the Cherokee Morning Song to him and visualizing him opening his eyes and asking "Wat's up Bigg Mama?" As I gaze upon his face I see him at all ages throughout his life. The minute old newborn grey as clay waiting for his first breath. I see him a tiny tow head toddler we called Kissie then (his oldest sister affectionately coined the name from Chrissie as he was called in his youngest days). I see the fearless 4 year old pushing his big wheel far up Dictionary Hill in Spring Valley, CA then with feet extended, flying down that hill to be caught by a fearful mama and spun into a heap together. Ah, there is so much I can say... so many stories of this bighearted boy grown to manhood. Stories of the many adventures to the emergency room as Biggie climbed to the edge where he lives his life. Of the countless stories shared about his friends and his adventures, his hopes, his fears, his goals, his dreams. I see these and more on his peaceful face as he lies in the ICU on life support while his body struggles to heal. And I give thanks as I do each day that Big John lives and breathes.

We keep this blog, the letters, the cards, the pictures in large part because he will want to know all about these days. He will need our collected stories to fill in these lost days. Your prayers and poems and friendship will be the foundation that supports him through his journey to recovery. As we say in Cherokee "stiyu" stay strong! Hold tight to your vision of him well and strong.

wado, wado, wado... great thanks and gratitude
Biggs Mama


kristin* said...

your words are a blessing on their own..the way your grace flows onto these screens is a magical energy all in itself...the same energy that flows through your son...and in return...into all of us.
much love and positive vibes to you...oneBIGGIElove.kris*

Anonymous said...

John is a man who knows no end
John is a man who never says I can’t do but says why not
John is a man who does not follow a crowd
John is a man who speaks his mind aloud
John is a man who walks with open arms and hands
John is a man who walks among strangers who are now friends and fans
John is a man who had a tragic fall which saddens us one and all
John is a man who will walk straight and tall away from the fall
John is a man who knows no end
John is a man who we all know and love as a Son, Brother, Uncle, and a FRIEND

Hurry Back