Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Settling in

The doctors made some adjustments to John's medicines that are better suited to use on over longer period of time without severe side-effects. He had been on Vec (a paralytic) and Propofol (a sedative), and is now on phenobarbital. There is no longer much talk about reducing sedation and doing further tests of consciousness until he has been stable for a longer time period. The medical team has been giving us this and other signals that we should settle in for what is likely to be an extended stay in the ICU.

As we make logistical arrangements to do so, our sincerest thanks to Erik and Ana who have been kind enough to lend my family use of a house they own just two blocks from the hospital, and to John Stafford who set us up there. We have also started getting many wonderful cards at the house and appreciate all the good wishes coming our way.

Some of you may have noticed a comment posted anonymously today regarding the safety of longboarding. This site is a place where those who love and care about John can stay abreast of his recovery and send good wishes his way. Anonymous- as your comment was neither, I ask that you respect my wishes and those of my family and refrain from further comment on this blog.


Malakai said...

Simply, our thoughts are with you.

John said...
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Chris Nelson said...

Just wanted to say I am sending as much positive energy as possible in John's direction. He is an extremely tough guy off on a new awesome adventure, I know he will return to us soon.

I met John back in 1996 when we started UVM together. I always spotted him, and heard him yelling WOOOOHOOOO!!!! as he bombed down the closed trails under the chairlift at Stowe. He was always off chasing the best powder. I also know John as an extremely caring, thoughtful, adventurous, innovative, amazing person, a true gem of an individual whom I am honored to call my friend. Reading through this blog it is also obvious that he is loved by a family whom I am sure are equally wonderful.

If there is anything I can do please let me know,
Lots O' Love, Chris Nelson.

Auntie/Cousin Chrissie said...

My thoughts and prayers continue as we all learn to live with the current reality. I guess we have to learn patience and acceptance, hard for though of us who want immediate action. John Christian is a strong, healthy, loving guy and he's getting expert medical care and tons of love and support. I love you all.

Erin said...

I'm thinking of John every day and wishing him light, love and strength. Not only for him, but your whole family. My thoughts are with you all.


Erin McKenney

Krista Brown said...

Just want you to know all your friends from the big FH are thinking of you. And much appreciation to you Rebecca for keeping us all posted.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of some of john's crew out here in colorado, our best thoughts and well wishes are with john and his family. We, along with everyone else in biggie's world, love him dearly and send him all the love in the world. We love you John! Leslie, Carolyn, Lisa, Ryan, Addison and family

Shawna said...

To Big John and Family,

My sincere regards to John, to all of you, and to all that have posted on this blog. At the end of May I moved from Burlington to Worcester to continue school, John threw me the most amazing party I have ever had in my life...he even built a skateboard ramp and had a turntable and a pool! I was so touched, no one had ever done something like that for me before. Another memory I like to think about occurred during last February's snow storm on Valentine's Day. I was living at 30 Chase st and our furnace broke for 3 days, right in the middle of the blizzard, well, of course John came to the rescue in his big white truck and we headed up to Jay to ride the amazing powder! I even got to sleep next to the wood stove with warm, he truly was my savior.
One of the most amazing things about John is his ability to touch the hearts of so many people, he is caring, passionate, and honest in everything that he does. I know that I am lucky to be his friend, there are so many qualities that I admire in him and can learn from him. Big John, I hope you get well soon, I've been listening to Bob non-stop and am wearing my Rasta Ridin' High tee shirt :) Miss you and love you,


Chris said...

John, we are thinking about you non-stop, everyone here at Higher Ground is beside themselves, and we wish you the best and speediest recovery. We love you, and will continue to support with thoughts and prayers for you. Get well soon, John, we all can't wait to have you back with us!

Chris Friday

Bill said...

Hi Everyone I just want you all to know that My sisters and I have been sending healing energy to John and all of you.

I haven't known John for very long but I can tell you he is a very special person with a special gift and he will be up and about and sharing his gift with us all very soon
I know John is in good hands because God put each and everyone member of his medical team there.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know John, or you, and I cannot begin to know what a horror it is to have something like this happen to your child or brother. With so much that is uncertain, this must feel like a roller coaster ride from hell. But for what it’s worth, please know this: The power of the love you have for your son and brother, so evident in the thoughts and words set out in your blog, is going to see you through this. You may not be able to stop asking yourself, why WHY do things like this happen? Maybe we cannot know. But stay with it anyway -- one day, one hour, or even one minute at a time. You WILL get through it. Have faith.

The poem below helped me get through my days and nights outside an ICU. I hope it helps you:

Have patience with all that is unsettled
In your heart.
Try to love the questions,
Like locked rooms,
Or like books written in a foreign language.
The point is, to live everything.
Live the questions,
And perhaps you will gradually,
Without even noticing,
Find the answer someday.

--Rainer Maria Rilke

I do know my way around the worlds of TBI and coma (my husband). I also have access to a medical library. If there is anything I can do – share info, locate a resource, pick up take out, or just sit with you—please do not hesitate to contact me.

Anonymous said...

I just saw John at our friend's wedding this past month. It had been a long time since I saw him and it was great to connect again. I have known the guy since 1996 and I have always been amazed by his adventure. What a strong family he has. Thank you for posting these updates, I know that I will sit again with Big John in the woods admiring the peace that only the yurt can offer.

If you ever need anything while at the hospital, I am here working everyday and would love to help any way I can. email me and I will send you my pager # (


Sasha and Aaron said...

I have known John for many years now and have always respected his love of life, sense of adventure, and gentle kindness.

He is in our constant thoughts and we are sending heaps of love to him and to you- his family.

Aaron Fastman and Sasha Posner