Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The boy next door

The last day was John's best yet. ICPs stayed below 15. His oxygen levels are improving and lungs look a bit better. His ability to regulate his temperature is slightly better. The doctors are doing another CAT scan later today and we'll see what comes next. So, I guess we are in the waiting period as John's body rests and recovers.

The good news in the hospital today is that Patrick, the skater who was injured about a week before John was, has been moved from the ICU (Patrick's room was just next to John's) to a regular hopsital room. Congrats, Patrick! Hopefully John will be following you soon.


martha A said...

I guess our boy Crash was aptly named all those years ago. Now John Von, when you're back riding high again, please try to be a little more careful. Everyone in Keene and Keene Valley is trying to put in a good word for you with the Cosmos. Everyone knows about the accident and is concerned about you. It's almost as if it's in the air--everyone seemed to know at the same time. Love to you and your family

John said...

Awesome, John. Keep it up. And wonderful news about Patrick. Zoe's looking down, cheering you on...

Carm & John

Anonymous said...

John is a great guy I wish him a speedy recovery- God bless-

- Nick, VT

kristin* said...

yeah big...hope to be able to hold your hand soon...

and pat..congrats. make that recovery...and get back on that ride....1L*

van haz fam-so much love and positive vibes to you...you all represent strength, courage, humor, honesty, drive and love....its truely beautiful to feel..and be a part of through your son....


Anonymous said...

This is an unfortunate event for the rider/skater who was injured. My sincerest wishes go out to his family and those who are saddened by this event.

However, he took a big risk by skating down 108 with minimal protection. He essentially had a motorccycle crash as the estimates on his speed are between 35mph and 50mph. Would someone ride a motorcycle with a plastic skate helmet on and some knee pads? Not a chance. When you're on a public road, there are cars traveling very fast the other way. There are inherent risks to the sport of skateboarding/longboarding that all involved need to know, understand, and respect.

John said...

To the anonymous writer - we all understand your view. It's amazing, though, that you felt that we needed to be reminded of this.

Ask NH motorcycle riders what they think of wearing helmets. Also, what about the swerving that we all do around road bikers? But none of this matters. Yes, it was dangerous.

Bottom line is that John is an adventurous dude. If he's not skating down the road, he's flying through the trees on a snowboard. We all love him for it. He loves to be outside, enjoying life to the fullest. Too many of us sit inside all day, staring at our computers. Playing it "safe", but piddling life away.

A lot to think about. Positive thoughts. Love you, John.

Corey said...

Hi there!

I don't know you all, but I've lived in Burlington for several years and worked at Liquid Energy where John used to come in (until it closed...) almost every day--always a favorite, upbeat customer. I always see him around town, such a great person!

I bought a skateboard from Ridin' High just after it opened, and apologies to everyone who loves skating :), actually preferred my mountain bike. After I used it for a few days, he gave me a refund, no questions asked. John is a role model of how to be present and relaxed in the world and brings so much good to everyone around him.

If you need anything--a meal cooked, research done online, errands run, please email me at rightsnotpity@aim.com I work at the hospital as an nursing assistant (they don't have those in the ICU but when he gets to regular floors you'll see them) so if you need a tour or a late night cup of coffee let me know.

Thanks for posting. And, John, get better!


PS John is the MODEL of extreme sport safety (if there is such a thing!). When I moved to Burlington, I was, shall we say, less mature than I am now and HIS helmet wearing inspired me to start wearing my helmet biking around Burlington. I thought I was too cool to wear a helmet but, since I looked up to him so much, I started wearing one after HE made it "cool" ;) I can't even imagine the number of kids he has inspired to use safety equipment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, are you the same who posted the very similar inappropriate comment on the Free Press original article page? I don't see your point at this place in time.

Lee said...

There is going to be a great benefit for John @ Higher Ground on Monday August 13. Details are as follows:

Monday August 13

Featuring performances by:
Turkey Bouillon Mafia
Seth Yacovone
DJ A-Dog
Nickel B of Itation Sound

as well as the premier of Travis Card's new skate film.


This is an all ages event and is $10 to attend. ALL MONEY GOES TO JOHN. The entire staff of Higher Ground will be working for free, and all bar tips will be donated as well. Please spread the word on this, and come celebrate how much Big John means to all of us!

Ethan said...

Everyone at Greasecar is pulling for you John. We hope you recover soon. Can someone give this guy a high-5 for us?