Friday, July 20, 2007

Morning Report

My dad is an earlier riser, and likes to get over to the ICU at 4 or 5am, returning a couple hours later with the morning report (my mom likes to camp out there for most of the day after a more typical wake-up time). John had a quiet night, with low ICPs and stable blood pressure, after a tumultuous evening. Around 5pm, his ICPs and blood pressure shot up and were erratic. After the standard non-surgical procedures failed to bring down his pressure, the neurosurgery team decided to insert a second drain in to his head. They attempted it 3 times; none successful. Not sure of the issue, but according to the nurse it's not unheard of to not be able to get it in. Then, for reasons unknown, his pressure dropped and stabilized, staying there for the night.

The Burlington Free Press has their own morning report today on John. Check it out at:


John said...

Thanks for your updates. It's nice to know the details of what's going on with John. We all love your brother and are pulling for him.

John & Carmen Stafford

Jeff said...

I am one of Johns many, many friends here out west in Colorado. I wanted to say THANK YOU for the updates on the blog.. It has been frustrating hearing filterd down news and not actually knowing his condition. These updates are the only link to John for us who can't travel out to see him.. He was supposed to be coming here, in fact he was supposed to be arriving today to start construction on a yert in between my property and Adams here in the mountains. He text'd me 2 days before the accident directing me towards the article on about a "cool article" on skateboarding. I never got a chance to read it until i heard about the accident last friday. John "LOVES SKATEBOARDING" and it doesn't seem fair that someone with such passsion and a RESPECT of people, nature, and the environment must suffer through this tragedy. John has been coming to Colorado every year to snowboard and always took precaution when riding.. Maybe this can be a lesson to us all and remind us how short and fragile life can be and to live every day thinking twice before throwing our bodies into the pull of gravity without ALL safety measures accounted for. HANG IN THER BIG JOHN... THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!

Malakai said...

Just wanted to say that my thoughts are with john, he is a wonderful person... All of us here at the 'fish wish him a full recovery.

Ken Picard said...


Thanks so much for keeping us all informed about John's condition. You're doing an excellent job at what must be a very difficult time for you and your family. As the author of the recent Seven Days article on skateboarding and a friend of John's, my thoughts and prayers go out to him for a speedy and full recovery.

It's unfortunate that some people in Burliington are now trying to use this accident as an opportunity to bash the sport of skateboarding, which John would probably find reprehensible. I hope that anyone in the Burlington skating community who has thoughts, opinions or concerns on this issue will feel free to reach out to me:

In the meantime, Rebecca, keep up the good work and send my best to John as soon as possible.

Take care,