Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Data vs. perspectives

A few developments today, but hard to sort out the data from the perspectives. The head neurosurgeon said John's brain was "hamburgered", that his recovery would be long and difficult, that you can't make a call on the damage until days of data are in. But, I didn't hear what data she was using to form this perspective, only the baffling and disturbing term.

We also had quite a few disturbing perspectives from his nurse over the past several days- "we almost lost him", "he may have pneumonia", "his left eye not tracking could be a sign of excessive brain pressure that the monitor is not picking up". I can't say I'm disappointed that she's off duty for the next couple days.

One person I am very happy is on duty is John's friend Jesse Lee. Her perspective, "you can't rush a coma" was hard won through watching her brother come out of a coma after 3 weeks. Jesse works as a valet at the hospital and my family and I always are happy to see her as we come or go.

I hope to have more data tomorrow, but for now, what I can report is:
-He had the EEG. During the EEG test, they reduced his sedation level again and got further movement of limbs and head. In addition to the initial EEG test, they've set it up to track him for 24 hours. No interpretation of any EEG results yet.
--They are monitoring for potential seizures.
-His fever remains an issue. He may have had an infection in his upper respiratory system that was pushed in to his lower respiratory system during the fall. They took the cooling blanket off earlier today but put it back on as his temperature rose again.



Kathryn said...

Rebecca, Rachel, Van & Maureen -

We are thinking about you constantly, and sending our prayers to Chris. I know how nervewracking & upsetting this can be, and am glad that you've found some people at the hospital with positive thoughts & encouraging anecdotes.

Thank you for the updates - I'll check back frequently.

Cousin Kathryn, David & Lila Rosenberg

sexualharrison said...

to John's entire family and close friends.

thank you for contacting and filling me in on my good friend condition.
if there is anything i can do please don't hesitate to ask.
John is in my thoughts and prayers.


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

The Fastman Family and The 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Team are praying for Big John and his family. We love you.

istech said...

Hey Guys.

you are all in my prayers. He's a fighter. He will get through this