Friday, August 24, 2007

atempted to stand by pops

6 weeks back this early morn I arrived at the ICU to find John in pretty bad condition. he peaked a few days later with 14 tubes and 12 wires into him. thus yesterday it was a joy to watch hime sleep for an hour to the greatful dead after busy hours of rehab. More movement in his right hand and arm every day and some shaking head no to questions, BUT a nurse still described him as waking up and requested I remind visiters to limit time, turn off TV, speak slowly ina normal voice, ask simple questions and give time to answer. communication rules afre posted on wall in room. visiting is 4 to 9 daily, more sunday but not sure of hours.

big news of day was his attempt to stand during afternoon PT. we had him in the gym and with many onlookers J could not concentrate on kickball. the therapists noticed he was triing to lean forward and push with his left arm so with the help of 4 twice got him momentarily up on his hind legs as our brand of primates and endeavered to perfect for a million years. Far from walking but he got the urge. gotta crawl first. pops


Sheehan said...

Nice Work John, you should be reading this blog yourself pretty soon.

Reports of your progress, for now, are a suitable supplement for missing my riding buddy.

smile..nod..shake hands..stand........ soon we will ride again, my friend...until then keep up the good work.

-the aloha sheehan

Anonymous said...

from Aunt Cynthia
Hooray, dearest Crashie!
How we love you!
I visited your youngest nephew yesterday and he's in the same boat: not quite ready to crawl, but intent on getting a grip on whatever he wants . . . In Leo's case, that's to put it in his mouth.
I'l be visiting you again.
Aunt Cyn

Molly said...

i'm so happy to hear that he's doing so well! i'm planning on visiting him sometime next week & will be sure to bring some fresh veggies from the farmer's market.

love & healing thoughts biggie!