Sunday, August 26, 2007

John and his nephews, courtesy of Rachel

For those who aren't able to go by and see him, thought you'd love to see how he's looking these days.


Biggs Mama said...

It is so great to see this pic! While it's been hard being so far away these past days, it's also been wonderful talking to John on the phone and listening to the amazing recovery successes he's experiencing each day. His grasp of language increases daily, and of course him saying "I love you Mom" is music to my ears. Seeing Ambrose and Julian surrounding him, and hearing Rachel's stories of her brother plotting his escape by distracting his nurse and pushing the elevator button shows some good thought reconnection, even though he doesn't realize he's exactly where he needs to be just now. Trust us Biggie, we want you back in your life as soon as possible.

He's really having a hard time with the food offerings, so if any of you are cooking up a good veggie meal, perhaps you can put aside a portion for Big John and take it over to him. I'll be bringing him a blueberry pie, and he perked up at the idea of sushi from City Market.

Be back in VT on Wednesday, wonder if he'll stand and hug me too?

John said...

We visited John today and like posted, he badly wanted to escape. I joked (but was kind of serious) that we'd probably see him wheeling down the street past St. Mikes on his way to the shop. "Soon enough, John", we'd say. But I can't help but understand his instinct...

What a blessing it is that he's here in VT, instead of doing his rehab in another state.

John - you're doing awesome. Don't let yourself get too frustrated. Looking forward to seeing you again...

Carmen and John

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fantastic progress. We send our thoughts and prayers for such miracles to continue.

Sylvia & Paul

pagne24 said...

Johnny V, my boy,
It's so good to see you pic'd and making huge progress, I can barely put it into words. You've gotta be the toughest dude I know. I'll be up this week to pay a visit, with the guitar. I apologize for not being in touch sooner brother. It's been a crazy summer and I'll tell you all about someday soon enough. Can't wait to see ya man. Berg sends his best too. Meanwhile take it one step at a time. If I know you at all, you're dying to bust out of there and hit the YURT. Take it slow though, the yurt and your friends aren't going anywhere. It looks like you're doing an AWESOME job! Keep it up.
We love ya, see ya soon buddy,