Thursday, August 16, 2007

Long Path Through the Woods by biggs mama

Back home in NJ for a few days of work and restoring inner balance. Thanks to all who've supported us through the great challenges we've faced these past 36 days. John has come a long way out of the woods, but this forest is huge, and the way difficult. His need for us is great as he faces the scary reality of requiring 24/7 care and prolonged help to regain mobility.

He needs the positive energy and support of his friends to buoy his spirits and encourage him through the hard months ahead. If you'd like to visit him, please call his cell phone, so we can help you coordinate your visit.

Big John's family is tremendously grateful to Erik and Ana for the donation of their home on Russell Street. It has been a haven of rest and serenity through these horrific days. We are now hoping to find some accomodation closer to Fanny Allen Rehab center for the next few months, as Pops loves to walk, but 5 miles is a bit too much for him. As John progresses through the rehab program, we'll have a better idea of what his needs will be through the winter. The doctors are predicting he'll still need 24/7 care, but we all know John, and so we'll continue to visualize him standing tall. We would appreciate any help in finding our next "rest stop" along the way.

Again, our deepest thanks to each and every one of you for the outpouring of love and support to Big John and his family. Blessings.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to all who attended the concert, it was so nice to come together and meet his family and friends. I cannot wait to be in Vermont again, until then I will continue to shine positive vibes John's way.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know how deeply affecting this blog is. Until 10 minutes ago, I did not know of this accident. I would very much like to print part of this blog in the next issue of Concrete Wave. I think our readers would be extremely moved by the words that have been written. Please email me at and let me know if this is possible.

I wish John the speediest of recoveries.

Michael Brooke
Concrete Wave

Anonymous said...

Positive vibrations radiate the Rockies...the mountains continue to smile with pride. Many blessings and much love to Johns heart and soul. We love you and continue to pray in the wind from beyond the mountains...

pops said...

dear michael of concrete wave,

your publishing fine with me. I will check with rebecca and biggs mama. pops