Saturday, August 4, 2007

good afternoon by pops

a minor technical point---the green field filter is in the main vein from lower body to heart. the longer one is in bed the greater the chance of a blood clot. it can be more easily dealt with in the filter than heart.

the second neurosurgeon Dr Walsh said he was pleased with the brightness of eyes and they're following voice. In my afternoon visit J seemed about as he was this morn. I visit every morning from 5 to 7 or so and only one morning have I not seen the neurosurgeon team on their morning rounds. Their plan of the day almost always is wait wait wait.

Friday JESSE LEE out front on valet parking reminded me it was a marathon not a sprint. Her brother took 2 full weeks from opening eyes to talking. we are encouraged and thank everyone for their support.

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kristin said...

i love this...and thank you family for taking the time everyday to give us some insight on our biggs condition....oh i miss his smiling eyes...

well. so glad to hear/read the good news...i cannot WAIT to see him....sooner than later.

keep coming biggie...were all waiting here for you...