Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Have You Seen A Sunburst? by Biggs Mama

Have you ever seen a "sunburst"? When the layers of clouds part and for a brief moment you see the sun before the layers of clouds close up again. The Seattle area is famous for them. That's what I shared with John yesterday.

In between the long periods of "no contact" with John floating somewhere in the ozone are windows of clarity. In the late morning I felt him engage eye contact. After talking to him awhile I asked him if he was understanding me. "Blink if you are hearing me John" and there was a slight blink. "Ok, I thought that was a blink, but I can't be sure. If you are really understanding me close your eyes, like this", and I closed my eyes. And then he closed his eyes!

Later in the afternoon, when he returned from having a feeding tube inserted directly into his stomach, and was practicing breathing without ventilator assistance (building up his muscles so he can be removed from the vent) his nurse Shannon tapped on his third eye and the window opened again. The tv was on and he started watching Oprah interview Al Gore, he engaged eye contact with me, and he tracked Shannon as she talked and tended to his meds and such. He was present! It was exhilerating, and as I became more excited that he was clearly engaged in our talk of the origins of Ridin High, how he started it and such, I asked him "You're really getting this aren't you?" and then he smiled on the left side of his face! Another Sunburst! And then the clouds slowly closed back over him...

Traumatic brain injury is a long haul. But John is in there, and he is working hard to come back. Trust in prayer and keep sending your positive energy and images of Biggs fully back. It's all working.


Shawna said...

That is wonderful news, slow and steady always wins out in the end, I also love the sunburst analogy and saw one on my way into work this morning, a sure sign. Keep coming back Biggie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mo and Van,
What wonderful news. You are all in our thoughts and prayers, constantly throughout each day and evening.
With love,
Sylvia and Paul

John said...

What a wonderful analogy. Thanks for sharing that with us.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful words. This news blog is what we rise and fall to each day. We are grateful and thankful for the networking you have created. It is strong. Thank You. We pray daily as we look at the rocky mountains for John to keep coming back...the mountains smile back.

Sara said...

I'm so excited to read this and it brings a tremendous smile to my face....thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Oh what incredible news! Slow and steady now, he has the positive loving energy reaching across the country. We're thinking of you every day Big John.

With love, from Maryland

Erin said...

This is wonderful news - I'm so happy he's finding his way back. And how very lucky he is to have family and friends with him every step of the way. It sounds like it's all uphill from here.

molly said...

I'm so happy to hear that he's starting to come back to us. I miss Bigg's smile and am glad to hear you saw it once again. Positive vibes John, soon enough you'll be fully with us again!

sexualharrison said...

this is picking me up and making me happy.
i check this blog at least once a day.
i want to thank his family on behalf of johns friends.
really this is great news! said...

This is great news! I am so glad to hear that he is watching from the inside. It is amazing how the spirit continues to love, even while the body is injured. The body is also amazing and will always work to heal. I can't wait to see John again! Thanks again for the updates!

Anonymous said...

"Who Jah Bless i say no man curse
Things getting better when they thought it would get worse"
Are thoughts and wish are with you and your family Bredg, JAH-GUIDE!!
Uncle Sizzle

sheehan said...

The Life Force within John is strong...i have seen this....he is a little lost on a difficult journey....the strength and love within him will guide him back to the light all of his friends and family are shining upon him. Keep the light and postive vibes strong, i truly believe it is really helping him along.


Vince said...

I just heard about this whole thing, as I have moved to Portland, OR from Burlington. Thanks for keeping this journal.

I know John from the Burlington scene and I am very sorry he and the family have to endure.

I can't wait to hear more good news over the coming days. John's a good man and a positive force in the world.