Monday, August 20, 2007

Biggie J moves on to Rehab by biggs mama

Greetings from Fanny Allen Rehab center. Smiles to All! Biggie J was relocated this afternoon, and is settling in nicely. Each day he does something new and today was no different. Today I held his phone up to his ear when a friend called, and he started talking!!!! First time I've heard his voice. He still can't make the connection to talk to us in the room, but on the phone... you know him, that's second nature. He even hits the end button when he's done talking :-) That Guy!

He's moving his legs and trying hard to adjust himself in the bed. And today he crawled his right hand over to yank out the catheter... fantastic really... that arm is the slowest to recover, perhaps because that was the shoulder that hit the ground along with his head... I'm no doctor, but makes sense to me.

Also the speech therapist at Fletcher Allen passed him today to drink fluids and to eat. He had no trouble swallowing, but due to circumstances... he didn't have his trach tube removed today, but it's most likely on the schedule for tomorrow. In any case, he chose applesauce for his first food, followed by pudding. And he fed himself with his left hand. He was very stimulated today by all the excitement of the move and hardly slept. Finally once we were settled in his new room at Fanny Allen he dozed off... and me too. Later on he spoke to a few more people on the phone, and had a few visitors. He's really doing so very well.

Visitors at Fanny Allen are limited to two at a time, and can visit between 4 pm - 9pm. Sunday visitors are welcome from 10am - 9pm. He tires easily, so please use good judgement when you visit. If the nurses think he is tired or over stimulated they will ask you to leave. Tomorrow he'll have his initial evaluations and his PT/OT/Speech therapy program will be developed. He'll be working on his rehab during the morning and the afternoon, with rest periods. Once he's ready he'll take his meals in the dining room. I'll be there with him for his AM therapy, then have to head back to NJ. Hopefully I'll get in a few days of work before I return next week. Pops will be back tomorrow late afternoon.

John is really coming around. I won't even try to guess what he'll be able to do this time next week. Keep praying... it's working.


John said...

This is amazing. I'm laughing that his first words were to someone on the PHONE! How appropriate! One of my favorite John moves is how he tucks his cell phone into his snowboard helmet, leaving his arms free, and proceeds to talk.

And eating! Each day holds something new. How encouraging.

We love you, John!

Molly said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear it! Everyone from KV's rootin' 4 you, John Von!

Vince said...

Hello, Glad to keep caught up on John's progress from out here in Oregon. I know everyone who's ever known him is looking forward to seeing, speaking and hanging with John again.

Keeping you all in mind, and gaining inspiration from John and his family every day.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. I have dealt with the staff at Fanny Allen on numerous occasions for work. I can honestly say it is a superb establishment and John will get the very best in care and rehabilitation there. We think of John and your family every day. Countless times.

With great hope and love,
Steve Hadeka and Maggie Bombard

Anonymous said...

so glad that he continues to moving forward and getting better it makes our days better out here to know John is progressing towards a full recovery I would love to talk to him on the phone if it could be arranged my email is Thanks for keeping us up to date on how he is doing this website is godsent... Much love

sexualharrison said...

ohh i'm so gonna prank call you john! see you soon i hope.