Saturday, August 11, 2007


John has made "tremendous progress" in the past few days, says Dr. Link (neurologist). John has been responsive when engaging with family and friends, seeming to understand much of what is said to him, and responding at times such as with a smile or moving his head. We've seen less improvement in physical actions vs. cognition, but John is improving those as well. He has moved his hand up to near his collarbone, has tightened his hands to hold objects (crystals), chewed on his fingernail (bad habits die hard!), moved his legs but not his toes. Today when John sat in a hospital chair (that supported his body weight), he was able to hold his head up for a time, before growing tired and letting it drop to the side.


sexualharrison said...

all right! your gonna be up in no time.
can't wait to see you soon I hope.

Sasha and Aaron said...

So encouraging...we remain with you, John, in spirit and in thought.

Hang in there. You are strong- a true warrior.

Much love to Biggs Mama, Pa, and sisters.

Sasha, Aaron, & Ezra

Anonymous said...

the colorado family sends their continual love and support to biggie and fam, way to go biggie! leslie,ryan,addison,lisa, and carolyn