Thursday, August 16, 2007

less biggie john by pops

spent 7 busy hours in room with John yesterday. in morn 2 aids weighed him ina sling like device and he has lost over 40 pounds in hospital. I can feel it moving and rubbing his arms and legs. J had 3rd rehab session siting him up in bed with feet on floor to regain balance and holding head. a few additions to previous sessions geting him to leanto side and push self up.
in late afternoon Dr Bintner (top nerosurgeon) stoped in and said the game has changed from the speed of ice hockey to baseball. She is pleased with his general level of alertness but concerned with little motion on right side. Just before 5 Dr Knacle who is in charge of admissions of fanny allen examinded John. He is not ready yet but perhaps next week when congestion wanes and trach is removed. He said stay at fanny allen could be "relatively fast" and we should start to plan for J's care afterward.

"Lee boy" said 430 paid admissions to benefit and event raised well over 5000 for fund. many thanks for a great party and your generosity and concern and love of John. i am sorry we have not been able to respond to the dozens of cards and donations but will when tihngs settle a bit. pops

PS I was last in my typing class for I kept my eyes open and last in my small arms training for I kept them closed. my latter instrutor told me to envision shooting ho chi min so I closed eyes figuring he was small and I would miss.


John said...

Glad to hear that he's still moving in the right direction. And SO GLAD to hear that he'll be staying right here in Burlington.

The benefit was amazing - Big John will be happy when he sees how many people were there.

Keep it up, John, you're doing awesome.

Carmen & Johnny

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cynthia said . . .
I spent some time with Big John this week in Burlington after the concert. He certainly knows me, smiles to see me, nods and looks straight at people, but he gets so tired. I promised him we'd get him out of there, and we will.
He looks so handsome and his eyes are clear.
His parents' strength and calm are incredible.
Of course, it reminds us of our mother, who suffered brain damage from a stroke, but on the opposite side.
The response from his friends has amazed us all. For instance, yesterday Van received a card and check from a skateboard rally in Seattle!
It's all so uncertain, but youth is on his side, as well as that quality we Finns call sisu. It will take time, but we will have our boy back among us again.
The atheist's prayer: Please God, if there is a god, help dear Crashie.
There definitely is a family, and friend, and we are all rooting for him.
Rest and heal, Crashie, as my love keeps you company.
Cynthia Van Hazinga

Meredith said...

We're gunna have to start calling him "Skinny J". I'm glad to read every day that we're all getting a little stronger. I can't wait to smile back at him. Much hope and love for the Chairman of the Board.