Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our Amazing Biggie J by biggs mama

It's been just about 6 weeks since Big John went down, and this is the first day I felt relaxed enough to sleep in and wake without worrying. It's good to read the positive comments about Fanny Allen rehab, that support the feelings I got being there. John looks and acts mellow, except for his decision to yank out his trach tube! I'd been asking when they would remove it, as he obviously didn't need it any more, but Dr Knackle said "since it's there, we'll put him through his paces today and see how he does, then we can take it out in a day or two." Shortly after that, while the PT therapist was talking with me, John reached up and before she could stop him, pulled it half way out. After much flurrying around, Dr Knackle returned and removed it the rest of the way! Well they were warned! I learned from Pops last evening that they also removed his catheter. So many big steps Biggie! His OT therapist said she would take him to the computer room to view his blog, but I don't know if that happened yet. Won't he be surprised by all the stories and comments!

In discussing the discharge plans yesterday, generally we can expect a 4-8 week stay at Fanny Allen, then he'll need 24/7 companionship. But I think we'll have a better idea of what Biggie will need as time goes on. He continues to improve each day, at a typically Biggie pace.

Today he'll begin working with the speech therapist. Apparently he's suffering with Aphasia, common after a head injury, which causes him to not be able to speak, and weakness on the right side. But he can communicate on the phone to simple questions and replies with fairly simple responses. It's all so exciting though isn't it? I can hardly wait to return next Wednesday to see his progress.

Michael Brookes, editor at Concrete Wave is planning a story featuring Big John, using the blog, comments and related stories. He needs a good, high quality picture of Big John skatboarding for the article. Does anyone have one? If so, please send it to me, Lauren Shade @ Please be sure to include your name, email addy, and a description of where and when the pic was taken. Thanks!


Pam Sawyer said...

I am glad to hear that he can have visitors. I can't wait to see Big John again. Thanks you for the information on his recovery.
Love Pam

Anonymous said...

FROM Elizabeth...

Thank you again for all the updates on John it means the world to us!

John, we all love you so much and send our every prayer in your direction. We know we will see you soon! Until then I've sent you a letter and some photos in hopes to remind you about the friends you have on your side. Bless John! Keep up the hard work!
Love, All your friends in Colorado.
Weezey, Wax, Carrie, Smiley

Anonymous said...

To Biggy's Mama and Pops,

I would really love to send you all a card and some pictures for John. Please let me know where is the best place to send it...
Thank you!! Strength and love,

Biggs Mama said...

Hi All,
Our local mailing address is:
32 Russell Street
Burlington, VT 05401

Sheehan said...

I visited John yesterday and he is doing well, very interactive throws fist pounds and will squeeze your hand with his weak arm on request. He even makes little pouty faces when the nurses tell him to stop messing with his cathoder.

BIG JOHN REALLY NEEDS OUR HELP, I was there when they fed him dinner, The food is unappealing and while all of the nurses there are great, the kitchen is having a very tough time with his VEGETARIAN/PESCATARIAN eating choices.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of nourishing vegetarian options for him. IF YOU VISIT BIG JOHN PLEASE BRING HIM A HEALTHY VEGETABLE DISH. John also eats Fish and NEEDS THE PROTEIN, but any quality food would be good.

Oh if you do bring him food chop it up small for now. And if you are there while they are feeding him make sure they don't feed him meat he wouldn't approve of. Thanx

love and bless


Anonymous said...

sending another shout of love and support from colorado to biggie and family, we love you! we can't wait to talk with you on the PHONE, yeah! We knew that the big man would only take big steps! so much love from leslie, addison, ryan, carolyn and lisa